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Vandana Light Healing

Heal Your Divine Feminine Christed Heart With The Sisterhoods Of Light MP3

Heal Your Divine Feminine Christed Heart With The Sisterhoods Of Light MP3

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Receive Accelerated Light Ascension Healing In The Temples Of Comfort, Connection & Compassion!

Journey to the 7th dimension to meet & merge with 12 highly advanced beings from the council of Universal Earth Mothers that created the 3 grid systems of light around the planet Earth before human souls came to Earth.

The enlightened lady masters assisted Mother Gaia to prepare the Earth for the souls of humans to heal & merge the split between male & female polarities as we ascend into peaceful co-existence & unity consciousness.

Meet the Universal Mothers who created the 144 light portals on the Earth to heal your divine feminine & divine masculine wounds & evolve into 5D reality as a divine human-huwoman.

During this holy healing transmission you will experience what it looks & feels like to live in your heart, master your gifts & womanifest your dreams, visions & desires.

These Enlightened Lady Masters have re-emerged to activate the portals of sacred feminine re-emergence to accelerate the divine union & sacred healing of female & male light workers on the planet.

Awaken & Activate your personal powers, creative flows & courageous heart to receive their empowerment blessings to embody the courage, clarity & confidence as an ascending master of 5D reality!

Take this sacred empowerment journey to meet & merge with:
  • Lady Ashtar - The Temple Of Connection
  • Lady Lilith - The Temple Of The Feminine Heart
  • Lady Mary - The Temple Of Inner Healing
  • Lady Nada - The Temple Of Divine Union
  • Quan Yin - The Temple Of Compassion & Grace
  • Venus Kumara - The Temple Of Creation & Abundance
  • And many more!!!
This divine feminine empowerment session will help you feel you can be or do anything you desire, envision or dream of.

Receive Bouquets Of Roses & Divine Inspiration & Eternal Appreciation From The Sisterhoods Of Light, The Archeia Archangels & The Ascended Lady Masters!!!

102 minutes
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