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Vandana Light Healing

Hara Chakra Aura Alignment Program

Hara Chakra Aura Alignment Program

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I'm excited to attune & introduce you to your buried inner treasures of loving kindness, calmness, creativity & resiliency to help you thrive on a more abundant, intelligent & compassionate timeline!

When your energy is flowing, you become an instant vibrational match to health, abundance & harmonious relationships!

In this brand new Earth Empowerment program, you will learn how to align your hara chakra with the earth star below you, the soul star above you & your core star in your internal hara healing center to unlock your divine human potential to live authentically & occupy the heart & home of your divine human body.

The Hara Line is your rock, anchor, center & the most important electrical power line in your body that houses your will, intentionality & natural ability to manifest your highest soul purpose & this column of light holds the vibration of your intentions, soul mission, life lessons, and your real reason for being here as a spiritual being in physical form.

When this line of energy or “hara” (Sea Of Ki) s flowing freely through the middle of your body, it aligns, connects & grounds heavenly & earthly energy in the 3 diamond centers of your head, heart & belly.

Healthy hara chakras hold your will power, potency & true identity just waiting for the divine time for you to unlock lifetimes of blocks to reveal your hidden gifts, special abilities & sacred soul role.

In each class you will learn about the 7 important hara centers, their colors, purpose & easy ways to re-align them when your energy feels split, stuck or thrown off your center.

If you feel disconnected & ungrounded in your own mind & body, each week when we meet, you will be taken to the Hara Dimension Of Clear Intention to unzip heavy earth armor & layers of emotional unworthiness, head & heart misalignments & soul shadow programs so you can be free of the old earth addiction to stress, struggle & suffering.

Your Hara Line May Be Misaligned If You Experience Chronic: 

  • Inner conflicts & dissonance between your head & your heart centers
  • Lack of courage, resourcefulness & self- confidence
  • Confusion around your true Identity
  • Feeling abandoned, alone, vulnerable
  • Feeling you are under psychic attack
  • Survival issues – a sense of wanting to leave the planet
  • Bouts with Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Difficulty in receiving or accepting good things
  • Feeling Lost, Alone, confused & ungrounded
  • Feeling Stuck or hopeless with no direction
  • Empathically absorbing & taking in other people’s energies

It's ok if you may feel this way & if you do, your chakras & line of center may need haric repair spirit surgery with Reiki Chakra Doctors, Galactic Light Surgery & the Golden Healing Hands Of The Cosmic Dr. Lorphan & His Etheric Acupuncture Team.

In the Hara Dimension, your 7 hara lines will be scanned, strengthened & recalibrated to raise your vibration, stay present, feel more connected & align with the powers of the entire universe!

When your Hara Line Is Aligned, Your Energy Shifts Into Greater Resonance To Enjoy The Experience Of: 

  • Fearlessness, Worthiness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Connected To Earth & Heaven In All Dimension In Every Direction
  • 5D Flow, Vitality, Creativity & Lavish Abundance
  • Trusting your bodies cellular wisdom in your abdomen’s emotional centers
  • Ease in attracting safe relationships and support systems
  • Feeling free to express your authentic, raw & real identity
  • Responding calmly to chaos, conflict & uncertainty on the new earth timeline
  • Creating a realistic life plan to share your gifts & be of service on planet earth
  • Trusting your higher self, I AM PRESENCE, earth angels & grounding in nature
  • Setting healthy boundaries with spiritual discernment

If you can relate & it feels like you've lost your safe anchor of light, road map & are steering off course in your stars ship, it's not too late to land safely to your divine destiny to become a crystal-clear channel of heaven & earth.

Come play with me to empower your hara line, it's chakras & even the chakras in your eyes, ears & feet to feel more present, sovereign & worthy of living on the new earth in a healthy mind & happy body!

In this 4 Week Hara Dimension Chakra Activation Program, We Will Soul Travel To The Hara Dimension Of Creation, Intention & Manifestation To Get Unstuck, Move Stuck Energy & Activate Your Luminous Light Body!

Week 1: Hara Dimension Earth Star Incarnation Chakra Connection 

  • Clearing collective core fear earth imprints from past lives, ancestors & your lower chakras
  • Awakening your energy, vitality, flow & flexibility to ground you, keep you safe & support you
  • Connect to the earth star color, mantra, mudra, yantra & the energy medicine of its vibration
  • Cosmic Orbit Grounding Meditation 

Week 2: Hara Dimension Core Star Power Chakra Activation 

  • Clearing shadow shame & core fear programs from the womb & childhood Conditioning 
  • Awakening your divine light essence to radiantly flow above & below you with confidence
  • Connecting to the core star color, mantra, mudra, yantra & the energy medicine of its vibration

Week 3: Hara Dimension High Heart Compassion Chakra Activation 

  • Clearing heart walls, grief, sorrow & blocks of unworthiness to cultivar self-forgiveness
  • Awakening your higher hearts emotional intelligence to feel safe expressing tender feelings
  • Connecting to the hara heart centers color, mantra, mudra, yantra & the energy medicine of its vibration 

Week 4: Hara Dimension Soul Star Destiny Chakra Activation 

  • Clearing vows of disconnect that separate you from your higher self, your gifts & soul purpose
  • Awakening your silver cord soul connection to fulfill your wishes, visions & unfulfilled dreams
  • Connecting to the soul star destiny chakras color, mantra, mudra, yantra & the energy medicine of its vibration

You will also be practicing dantian belly breathing, grounding meditations & rooting meditations to help you feel safe to fully occupy your head, heart & hara to link to the hara of Gaia & feel supported on your new earth timeline journey.

Each 2 Hour Hara Activation Center Includes: 

  • Galactic Light Etheric Acupuncture
  • Cosmic Chakra Alignment Upgrades
  • Arcturian Abdominal Massage With Infra Red Color Therapy
  • Laser Light Surgery To Align The Head, Neck, Spine & Core Star With Earth& Star Medicine
  • Reiki Joshin Grounding Therapy To Clear The Channels & Strengthen Your Soul Star Connection
  • Reiju Divine Empowerment Attunement With Ancient Symbols, Mantras & Vibrational Healing
  • A Luminous Light Bath To Cleanse, Clear & Re-Set The Digestive & Emotional Nervous System

4 Live Class Replays - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 9 1/2 Hours - 48 Documents

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