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Vandana Light Healing

Great Central Sun Ascension Empowerment Healing Attunement MP4

Great Central Sun Ascension Empowerment Healing Attunement MP4

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Receive Solar Updates & Sophia Source Codes to heal & harmonize your divine feminine & sacred masculine sides as your natural state of wholeness, holiness & happiness!

Our Solar Parents & Guardians Of Light are Helios & Vesta & these solar beings embody the entire solar system & watch over all of humanity on planet earth.

Helios & Vesta illuminate & accelerate our hidden light & oversee the personal & planetary evolution of the entire solar system along with the 7 solar logos assisting Helios in the center of our own sun.

Helios is the source of the solar ray of copper-gold light.

Vesta is the feminine complement of Helios.

Visit their golden healing retreat to rest & rejuvenate from ascension symptoms from sun spots, solar flares & wind storms that affect our electrical bodies & magnetic fields in our physical bodies & the 5D crystal earth grids.

Helios (divine masculine) and Vesta (divine feminine) are the gatekeepers & guardians of the great central sun & watch over us so we may ascend with our bodies into the unified field of oneness for all.

They come forward to bless your bodies, minds, spirits & souls with divine downloads & cosmic awareness to warm your heart & ignite your light from the inside out.

The cosmic consciousness of Helios and Vesta over-see & over-light you from the heart of our solar system helping to ease your ascension symptoms. Receive cosmic upgrades & DNA updates to sustain your vibration & absorb 100% pure light in your diamond light body!

Drink in solar source codes & honey light to warm your heart, soothe your soul & awaken your divinity!

Receive their diamond solar christed codes to upgrade your cells, chakras & multi-dimensional DNA as a divine human, sovereign soul, star seed & wayshower!

Become a divine co-partner with your solar angels, deities, christos & logos to light up your life & co-create your highest destiny with ease, flow & grace!

87 minutes - MP4 Version
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