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Vandana Light Healing

Goddess Green Tara Protection Activation MP3

Goddess Green Tara Protection Activation MP3

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Receive Benevolent Blessings, Courageous Compassion & Powerful Protection From Green Tara In The Jade Healing Temple Of Love In Action!

In Tibetan Buddhism, Tara is known as a Bodhisattva of compassion in action!

Green Tara Is The Female Form Of Mothers Grace & The Color Of Prosperity & Vitality!

She is our guiding light & shining star that over-sees & over-lights the divine feminine re-emergence into a healed, whole & holy force of nature.

Her name means 'star' in Hindi. Tara is also known as a saviouress & heavenly deity who hears the cries of beings experiencing misery in 3D sa?sara & the lower worlds of density & duality.

Come Experience What It Feels Like To Be Held & Embraced In The Arms Of The 'Mother of all the Buddhas.'

If You Feel Unsafe, Unsettled Or Unwell, Tara Comes To Support, Shift & Uplift You With Her Tears Of Compassion In Action!

Goddess Taras Sanskrit Mantra Is Om Tare tuttare ture svaha Meaning To 'Behold In She Who Delivers, In Your Grace, Please Deliver (Us) In Peace.'

Join Vandana In This Empowering, Uplifting & Inspiring Green Tara Attunement To Help You Honor & Heal Your Femininity (Whether You're In A Male Physical Body) And To Feel Safe, Sacred & Supported On A Higher Harmonic Earth Vibration!

Experience A Loving Kindness Compassion Transmission From Green Tara to remove obstacles, fear and anxiety & to clear lower vibrations from your field.

Today's Green Tara Healing Attunement Helps You To:
  • Heal Your Divine Feminine 
  • Awaken Your Inner Goddess
  • Activate Your Highest Vibration
  • Cultivate Mindfulness & Loving Kindness
  • Transmute Core Fear Into Core Love
  • Trust Your Feelings, Insights & Intuition
  • Unlock Blocks To Self-Love & Self-Acceptance
  • Release Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm
  • Forgive Yourself & Others
  • Dissolve Doubts, Debris & Density
  • Clear Empathic Wounds
  • Calm Your Busy Brain & Monkey Mind
  • Soothe Your Nervous System
  • Heal Addictions To Stress, Struggle & Suffering

Take A Guided Journey Into The Divine Mind Of Inner Stillness, Peace & Compassion In Action.

We gather in a safe & sacred container space to invite & invoke Green Taras blessings of peace, grace & protection for you, your ancestors & your descendants.
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