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Vandana Light Healing

God Head Ascension Chakra

God Head Ascension Chakra

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You are Invited to Open, Clear & Activate Your God Gateway To Expand Into Your Soul Destiny & Multi-Dimensional Mastery!

This Ascension Chakra Is A Six-Pointed Star Composed Of The 12 Cosmic Rays Of Creation.

On This Magical Journey, You'll Finally Be Able To Open, Awaken & Activate Your God Head Halo Chakra!

When Opened, Your God Head Awakens Your:
  • Living Light Language
  • Portals Of Infinity & Divinity
  • Higher Self & I AM Presence
  • Galactic Feminine & Masculine
  • Connection To Your Star Tribes & Home Planet
  • Soul Truth, Identity & Mastery
  • Cosmic Creation Light Codes
  • Divine Essence, Omnipotence & Omnipresence
  • High Magic & Star Gifts

You Can Consciously & Clearly Channel & Communicate With Enlightened Beings, Your Star Selves & Your Own Multi-Dimensional Mastery!

In This Galactivation, You Will Experience What It Looks & Feels Like To Teleport, Levitate & Bi-Locate Outside Of Space In The Field Of Grace!

You Will Experience A Guided Journey To Connect Your Soul to Supreme Source, Vast Galaxies & Alternate Realities To Help You Assimilate Solar Logos Light Codes & 'Music Of The Spheres' To Expand Into The Heart Of Creation.

Bring Your Crystal Visions & Hearts Intentions To Ascend Into Your God Star To Awaken To Who You Truly Are!

This Sacred Soul Attunement Heals & Harmonizes Your Higher Dimensional Chakras & Physical Chakras So You Can Become A Conscious Creator, Cosmic Explorer & Divine Human In Divine Service On Planet Earth!

Your God Head Halo (Stellar Gateway) Is Your Divine Essence & Center Of Omnipresence.

Once Opened & Flowing, This Light Portal Activates Your Dormant DNA To Awaken Your Core Star & Soul Star To Feel Like:
  • Your Own Master, Teacher & Guide
  • You Belong To Heaven & Earth
  • You Are Made Of Stars
  • You Belong To The Family Of Light
  • You Are Worthy Of Living A Magical Life
  • You Are Divine Love In Physical Form

Activate Your Merkaba, Transverse The Universe & Shape Shift Into The Star You Already Are!!!

76 minutes
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