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Galactic Wing Repair Etheric Light Surgery

Galactic Wing Repair Etheric Light Surgery

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Greetings Blue Ray Angelic Empath,

I Invite You To Take Safe Refuge In The Womb Of Star Sirius Auset To Be Re-Birthed & Nourished With Blue Lotus Medicine To Expand Your Heart, Speak Light Language & Learn To Fly Again On The Wings Of Arcturians, Archangels, Avatars & Avian Ancestors.

If You've Been Stuck In A Rut, Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body Or Have Experienced Disempowered Injustice By The Old Earth Patriarchy, Please Join Me In A Brand New Divine Feminine Freedom Frequency Flow Journey To Find Your Wings & Learn To Fly Again!!!

Teleport with me to the 12D Celestial Star Apothecaries, Pharmacies & Advanced Arcturian Etheric Light Frequency Facilities to experience Etheric Light Acupuncture Surgery With Cosmic Compassionate Physicians Who Hold Your Ascension Preparation New Earth Prescription To Free Stuck Energy, Hold 100% Light In Your Bodies, Raise Your Vibrational Frequency & Rise Above 3D Density, Duality & Miasmic Wounded Fear Passed Onto You From Your Biological Bloodline Earth Ancestors.

All Empaths, Starseeds & Highly Sensitive Spirits In Human Form Are Invited To Blue Ray Re-Birthing Room To Experience The Nourishing Elixir Of Sirian-Leumerian Blue Lotus Liberating Star Medicine Contained In The Wings Of: 

  • Sheckhina-Sophia World Womb Of Cosmic Mothers Blue Roses To Re-Birth New Heart Wings
  • Dr. Lorphan Arcturian Laser Light Technology To Unfurl Your Wings & Dissolve Heart Walls
  • Archangel Seraphiels 6 Wings Seraphim Salve To Patch Up Holes & Rips In Your Wing Tips
  • Sirian-Leumerian Strengthening Serum To Mend & Repair Breaks In Your Etheric Skin
  • Metatron-Michael-Melchizedek Blue Scepter Winged Freedom Frequency Power Protectors
  • Mighty Blue Eagle & Blue Flame GSF (God Sovereign Free) Lightening Angels Of Purification
  • Swan Star Totem Guardians That Deliver The Elegant Medicine Of Light Language Liberation
  • Blue Bird Avian Star Ancestors Who Re-Wire Your Telepathic Gifts Stored In Your Heart Wings
  • Thoth The Solar Bird Being, Scribe & Soul Record Advisor To Return Your Book Of Life
  • Melchizedek's Golden Combing, Meridian Smoothing & Karmic Knot Detangling Divine Light Instrument

When You Say YES, Your Galactic Self & I AM PRESENCE Will Receive Off Planet 12D Mind Bending & Wing Mending Etheric Light Bath Surgery Accompanied By The Nurturing Presence Of Your Avian Bird Tribe Ancestors, Star Elders & Inter-Galactic Wing Expanding Light Surgeons.

After Your Wing Repair Surgery Session, A 12D Platinum Safety Net Shield Will Be Installed In The Heart Of The Milky Way Galaxy To Keep You Safe, Sovereign & Free In Your Angelic Winged Light Body.

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 2h 42min - 11 Documents

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