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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Light Surgery For Fight, Flight & Fear

Galactic Light Surgery For Fight, Flight & Fear

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Greetings New Earth Activator, Awakener & Co-Creator,

In this quickening timeline, it is easy to get swept away in collective fear, chaos & confusion.

As light warriors & heart awakeners, every physical disruption, distortion or dis-ease is first created in the spiritual realms.

Especially now more than ever, we will gather together & safely soul travel to clear dense distress, loss of life & fear of death to re-birth ourselves anew.

Spiritual illness can be contagious as the threat of an infectious virus for psychic empaths, creatives & sensitive souls like you.

It can be picked up in things you touch, people you see & places you go in physical, visible & invisible spiritual realities around us.

During this tumultuous timeline, the pot is being stirred & everything is rising to the top to reveal the truth that you truly are.

During this cosmic pause & ascension re-set,  you can learn how to detach from spiritual energies that do not serve or support you.

It helps to have a guide to release your fears, release some tears & return to life to feel more alive, to truly thrive & to revive your light, energy & divine immortality.

Stop struggling, fighting & negotiating so you can start living, breathing & expanding in this sacred opportunity to merge with your divine identity as an embodied self-realized ascending master of a new reality.

It is easier to travel with soul family, cosmic companions & spirit guides to clear fear, exude love & show you the way back home to the home of your eternal soul.

I invite you to divine doctoring, multi-dimensional medication & inter-galactic healing intervention in this life-saving ascension preparation timeline integration.

Visit The Great White Lodge, Monasteries Of Light & Miraculous Healing To:

  • Clear Ancestral Spells That Drain Your Financial Flow & Weaken Your Immunity System
  • Cast Away Absorbed Negativity, Toxicity & Miasmic Density You Hold Within & Around You
  • Receive Multi-Dimensional Medication, DNA Surgery & Celestial Light Surgery To Shift from Carbon Cells To A Crystalline Luminous Light Being

Meet Dr. Lorphan, Your Galactic God Parents & Your 5D Soul Psychologists To Activate & Accelerate Your Emotional Intelligence & Help You Feel:

  • Safe, Supported & Provided For In This Timeline Of Great Change & Uncertainty
  • Connected, Comforted & Cared For By Benevolent Invisible Helpers
  • Grounded, Stable & Provided For By Your New 5D Spirit Guides & Power Protectors
  • Aligned With Your Higher Self, I AM Presence & Guardian Angels
  • Energized & Re-Vitalized In Your Evolutionary Luminous Light Body
  • Confident & Comfortable As A Crystal Clear New Earth Channel
  • Hopeful, Holy & Healthy In The Holy Skin That You Were Born In
  • God Sovereign Free & A Master Of Your Own Chosen New Reality

 This is not the end times but the new time of times where you can re-set your:

  • Spiritual Immune System
  • Radiance Respiratory System
  • Emotional Nervous System
  • Survival Brain & Limbic System
  • Divine Digestive System
  • Fear, Fight, Flight & Freeze Neurological Systems

When you say YES, you will experience:

Class 1

Clearing Pandemic Fear, Chaos & Survival Vows From Past Lives In Other Planets, Star Systems, Galaxies, Realities, Leumeria & Atlantis

Class 2

Clearing Your First 8 Cells, Your Heart & Your Brain In Utero In The Womb Of Fearful Thinking, Programs & Pre-Birth Trauma From Your Muscle Memories

Class 3

Clearing Unconscious Stress, Shock & Fear Imprinting, Learning & Programming From Your First Experience On Earth, During The Birth Process & First Days Of Life In Your Childhood Home

Class 4

Clearing Human Conditioning, Programming & Spiritual Illness In Childhood, At School & From All Of Toxic Relationships Where True Healing Has Not Been Resolved, Processed Or Addressed.

Release Pandemic Stress, Survival Fear & Spiritual Illness In All Timelines, Galaxies, Dimensions & Realities To Live Long, Be Healthy & Prosper!

Stay Connected & Divinely Protected With Your Star Elders, Helpers & Totem Protectors & Become At One With The Law Of One.

Strengthen Your Core, Reclaim Your Light & Rest In Peace In Your Luminous Immortal Light Body!

Receive Galactic Healing Technologies, Discoveries & Natures Medicinal Remedies In The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Room From The Comfort Of Home!

This package includes:

  • Four 2 Hour Accelerated Light Galactivation Sessions (MP4 Video and MP3 Audio)
  • 24 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others

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