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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Heart Wall Etheric Light Surgery - For Clearing Emotional Imprints, Shields & Corded Attachments

Galactic Heart Wall Etheric Light Surgery - For Clearing Emotional Imprints, Shields & Corded Attachments

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I'm honored & excited to invite you to a Heart Empowerment Attunement To Heal & Seal Your Anahata Chakra & Live Courageously In Your Open Hearts Vulnerability.

If You're Ready To Follow Your Heart, Strengthen Your Hearts Electrical Activity & Stimulate Your Calming Muscles Vagus System To Improve Healthy Communication Between Your Heart & Your Brain Then Join Me To Experience A 2 Hour Heart Cleanse To: 

  • Melt Heart Walls To Better Express Your True Feelings
  • Unzip Emotional Trauma Stored In Your Hearts Muscular Armor
  • Reduce Your Stress So You Can Rest, Digest & Heal Your Cardiovascular Nervous System
  • Move Beyond The Auto Pilot Programs Of Fight, Flight, Fear, Freeze & Emotional Shutdown
  • How To Boost Your Heart Health & Emotional Well-Being Without Over-Reacting
  • Manage Your Stress, Find Inner Peace & Hug The Heart Of Your Vulnerable Inner Child
  • Use Your Breath To Melt The Walls, Shields & Armor That Extinguish Your Heart Flame

This Heart Empowerment Trance-Mission Is Designed To Help You Raise Your Heart Frequency & Heal Your Life Long Addiction To Suffering Needlessly By Acknowledging, Owning & Honoring Your Inner Most Authentic Feelings!!!

If Your Heart Chakra Is Over-Active, Under-Active Or Imbalanced, You Can Awaken Your Anahata Heart Chakra If: 

  • You Spend More Time On Line, Are Stuck In Your Head & Feel Cut Off From Your Heart
  • You Sabotage Your Happiness By Distancing Yourself From The Truth Of Your Feelings
  • You Were Raised By Adult Children, Neglectful Narcissists Or Wounded Parents 
  • Your Style Of Relating To Others Is Co-Dependent In Your Most Intimate Relationships
  • You Deny Your Feelings, Give Too Much & Only Feel Safe When You People Please
  • You Hold Back Your Tears, Freeze Your Fears & Have Become Emotionally Numb 
  • You Are A Caregiver That Has Forgotten How To Care For & Heal Yourself
  • You Say Yes When You Really Mean No & Want To Practice Healthy Heart Boundaries

If This Feels True About You, Then It's Ok & Deserve To Be Held, Comforted & Supported By Your Divine Healing Intervention Team That Over-Lights You Knows How To Treat You With Holy Heart Medicine From Your Emerald Hearts Healing Chamber In Your Own Inner Pharmacy.

Come Receive Laser Light Surgery, Celestine Emerald Green & Deep Red Reiki Energy To Awaken, Strengthen & Align Your Heart With The Heart Of The Divine.

Your Team Of Galactic Grief Guardians, Soul Psychologists & Celestial Cardiologists desire to empower you with Solar Infra Red & Terahertz CHI to help you learn how to: 

  • Manage Your Stress With Heart Math Technology
  • Re-Set Your Heart Brain's Heart Frequency
  • Become Emotionally Intelligent With Your Breath
  • Reduce Your Stress With A Daily Sitting Practice
  • Trust Your Feelings, Emotions & Intuition
  • Honor Your Hearts Wisdom, Intelligence & Resilience
  • Reduce Your Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Symptoms Of PTSD
  • Re-Set Your Hearts 40,000 Neurons Stored In Your Cardiac Nervous System
  • Illuminate The Little Brain In Your Hearts Operating System

I've Designed This Class With You In Mind So You Can Finally Feel Safe Enough To Pay Attention To Your Inner Hearts Wisdom In Your Emotionally Intelligent & Compassionate Heart Center.

Join Me In The Jade Heart Temple To Heal Your Heart With Guan Yin, Archangel Raphael & Ho'opono pono Huna specialists To Treat You With The Medicine Of Radical Kindness, Immeasurable Compassion & Self-Forgiveness.

When Your Heart Says YES, You Will Also Learn The Ancient Bija Heart Mantra, Healthy Heart Mudra, The Anahata Sacred Sound & The Heart Chakra Meditative Mandala That Will Help To: 

  • Regulate Heart Palpitations & Muscle Tension In Stressful Situations
  • Release Others Feelings & Emotions You Store In Your Heart Center
  • Awaken Your Ancient Heart Brains Inner Wisdom
  • Balance Your Hearts Coherence To Give & Receive Naturally
  • Strengthen Your Electromagnetics Hearts Harmonious Frequency
  • Unlock Tension & Trauma Stored In Your Fascia, Tissues & Muscle Memory

Learn Mind/Body Processes To Feel Safe, Well & Emotionally Resilient In The Lotus Flower Of Your Anahata Heart In The Center Of Your Brain, Belly & Body.

Drop Out Of Your Head & Into Your Inner Hearts Bridal Chamber To Love, Honor & Cherish Your Deepest Feelings Forever!!!

Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 173min - 17 Documents

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