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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Program

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Program

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Divine Feminine Star Medicine  - For Empaths, Starseeds & Highly Sensitive Souls

This brand new 5D program infuses all spiritual seekers with the neon blue star sirius photonic light energies that protect psychic empaths, cosmic channels & highly sensitive humans who suffer needlessly from excessive caretaking, relationship addictions & people pleasing symptoms of complete ptsd.

If you're deeply affected by electromagnetic radiation, environmental allergies, planetary retrogrades & chaotic dark forces that make you feel sick & tired of being sick & tired, we will invoke the protectress priestess Auset, her consort Sah- Osiris (Orion) & her offspring Sopdu-Horus from Venus to heal your lifetimes & timelines in  Ancient Atlantis, Egypt & Star Sirius.

We will travel together to retrieve your soul voice, telepathic abilities, light language & powers of prophecy to clear cosmic contracts, re-write your star records & reclaim your personal powers as a multi-dimensional mystic, crystalline channel, new earth architect & divine instrument.

You will meet with the Cosmic Auset to heal your relationship with your own galactic chakras & receive divine doses of mothering, nurturing & psychic protection medicine from less than kind astral entities, energies & frequencies that you may be unconsciously corded & attached to that still occupy your psyche from past realities.

When your souls says YES, you will receive: 

  • Soothing Starseed Blue Ray Medicine From Mighty Blue Eagle & The Blue Avian People
  • Sechem "Power Of Powers" Energy To Balance Your Emotional Nervous System
  • Laser Light Surgery To Dissolve Heart Walls Which Block Your Intuitive Heart Chamber
  • Re-Birthing Treatments To Bond With Your Birth Mother & Honor Your Creatrix Womb Wisdom
  • Galactivation Transmissions & Star Temple Initiations To Trust Your Emotional Intelligence Guiding System

Come see, hear, feel, smell & taste the the truth of your star identity in the world womb of your protective first Mothers, soul watchers, shining ones, cosmic kachina messengers, star shaman guardians & azeztulite light surgeons from Arcturus, Sirius & Venus who carry your lapis lazuli light sapphire medicine to help you share your super human powers & wise woman healing mastery safely, wisely & compassionately. 

Join Me To Receive: 

  • Blue Winged Shielding Attunements From Star Isis, Your Sirian Ancestors & Mighty Blue Eagle Bird Totem Medicine 
  • Magical Spells, Sigils & Seals To Call Serve & Support You In A Safety Net Of 24 Hour Self- Protection 
  • Medical Amulets & Celestial Talismans To Align Your Chakras & Awaken Your Luminous Light Galactic Body Golden Filament Garments To Clothe You In Sirian Stars, Temple Dust & Celestial Insulation 
  • Divine Dream Catcher & Safety Net For 24 Hour Protection From Nightmares & Unwelcome Visitors 
  • Cord Cutting Light Surgery For Negative Attachments, Misunderstandings & Emotional Releasement 
  • Etheric Acupuncture To Unlock & Extract Stuck & Stagnant Creative & Intuitive Life Force Energy 
  • Core Fear Removal & Soul Star Retrieval For Self-Forgiveness & The Perfect Blend Of Feminine-Masculine Balance 
  • Star Interventions, Auset Invocations & Holy Anointments With Oils Of Gold, Temple Incense & The 528 Miracle HZ Frequency

Visit Your Celestial House Of Life Pharmacy, Apothecary & Divine DNA Soul Spa Sanctuary To Awaken Your Senses, Let Yourself Lie Back & Give Yourself Permission To Bathe, Soak & Float In Roses, Rainbows, Rubies & Blue Lotus Flowers Containing The Secret Ingredients That Break The Spells Of Human Suffering That Made You & Your Ancestors Feel Fragile, Reactive & Vulnerable.

Allow Yourself To Be Shielded, Swaddled, Comforted & Carried Supported By The Blue Wings Of Auset So You Can Be Re-Birthed & Resurrected In The Sirian Safety Net Of Rest, Respite & Soul Trauma Recovery. 

I look Forward To Taking You On Another Heart Warming & Soul Soothing Journey To Merge With The Vibration Of The Galactic Star Isis To Feel Safe, Worthy & Holy In Your Soul Travels In All Galaxies, Star Systems, Dimension & Realities.

Rise Above This 3D Earth Density To Experience Your Divine Destiny That Exists Beyond & This Galaxy & Spend Quality Time With Your Safe & Supportive Sirian, Atlantean & Ancient Egyptian Soul Star Family.

Access Your Natural State Of Bliss, Grace, Joyful Calmness In The Stars Of Benevolence, Kindness & The Nectar Of Nirvana!!!

Class 1 - This First Class Unravels You From Inter-Generational Human Suffering, Craving & Clinging That Drain, Deplete & Exhaust Your Delicate Nervous System. We Will Identify & Explore The Original Causes & Conditions You Carry From The Womb, The Birth Process & From Early Childhood Loss In Your Earth & Star Home Environment That  Lie Buried In Your Cellular Unconsciousness. You  Will Receive An Earth Star Safety Net To Keep You Safe, Supported & Protected On Your Soul Travels In The Womb Of The Galactic Goddess Blue Star Isis.

Class 2 - This Second Session Empowers Your Empathic Sensitivities With Galactic Attunements To Help You Fine Tune Your Blue Ray & Sirian Starseed Ancestral Soul Profile. You Will Learn How To Navigate Your Psychic ESP Abilities In Cosmic Libraries & Soul Spa Sanctuaries To Experience Inter-Dimensional Cord Clearings, Magical Shielding & Mood Color Therapy To Release Oxytocin, Resolve Disempowering Memories, Repel Misaligned Energies & Align With Your Original Starseed Family  On Earth, From Atlantis & In A Special Re-Birthing Session With Cosmic Auset On Planet Sirius.

Class 3 - This Third Galactivation Transmission Helps You Become Crystal Clear & Multi-Dimensionally Aware Of The Places Inside You That Don't Belong To You So You Can Release & Return Emotionally Triggering Corded Entangled Attachments All The Way Back To Your First Existence On Planet Venus, Sirius & Ancient Egypt. Meet Your Star Shamans & Kachina Messengers Who Over-See Your Indigo Sensitive Psyche So You Can Take Back Your Soul Light, Speak Light Language Mantras & Embody Your Clairsentient Telepathic Abilities As A Blue Ray Intuitive 5D Goddess.

Class 4 - This Fourth Star Temple Initiation Guides You On A Soul Retrieval Shape Shifting Journey To Take Back Your Sechem Power Of Powers, Sigils, Seals, Symbols, Amulets & Ancient Egyptian Power Tools To Feel Safe To Express Your Galactic Roots & Divine Identity. Here you Will Experience Luminous Light Etheric Acupuncture Surgery & Honor Your Divine Feminine Womb Wisdom With Might Blue Eagle & The Blue Avian People To Regulate Your Divine Digestive System, Boost Your Holy Immunity System & Re-Set Your Vagus Nervous System So You Can Thrive As An Empowered Empath, Cosmic Creatrix & Sensitive Wise Old Soul.


This package includes:

  • Four 2 Hour Galactic Goddess Star Isis Sessions as MP4 and MP3
  • 46 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals


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