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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Class 4

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Class 4

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This Fourth Star Temple Initiation Guides You On A Soul Retrieval Shape Shifting Journey To Take Back Your Sechem Power Of Powers, Sigils, Seals, Symbols, Amulets & Ancient Egyptian Power Tools To Feel Safe To Express Your Galactic Roots & Divine Identity.

Here you Will Experience Luminous Light Etheric Acupuncture Surgery & Honor Your Divine Feminine Womb Wisdom With Might Blue Eagle & The Blue Avian People To Regulate Your Divine Digestive System, Boost Your Holy Immunity System & Re-Set Your Vagus Nervous System So You Can Thrive As An Empowered Empath, Cosmic Creatrix & Sensitive Wise Old Soul.


Class Replay - MP4 Video and Mp3 Audio - Including 14 PDF Documents - 157min

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