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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Class 2

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Class 2

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This Second Session Empowers Your Empathic Sensitivities With Galactic Attunements To Help You Fine Tune Your Blue Ray & Sirian Starseed Ancestral Soul Profile.

You Will Learn How To Navigate Your Psychic ESP Abilities In Cosmic Libraries & Soul Spa Sanctuaries To Experience Inter-Dimensional Cord Clearings, Magical Shielding & Mood Color Therapy To Release Oxytocin, Resolve Disempowering Memories, Repel Misaligned Energies & Align With Your Original Starseed Family On Earth, From Atlantis & In A Special Re-Birthing Session With Cosmic Auset On Planet Sirius.


Class Replay - MP4 Video and Mp3 Audio - Including 11 PDF Documents - 156min

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