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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Class 1

Galactic Goddess Star Auset Empowerment Class 1

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This First Class Unravels You From Inter-Generational Human Suffering, Craving & Clinging That Drain, Deplete & Exhaust Your Delicate Nervous System.

We Will Identify & Explore The Original Causes & Conditions You Carry From The Womb, The Birth Process & From Early Childhood Loss In Your Earth & Star Home Environment That  Lie Buried In Your Cellular Unconsciousness.

You  Will Receive An Earth Star Safety Net To Keep You Safe, Supported & Protected On Your Soul Travels In The Womb Of The Galactic Goddess Blue Star Isis.


Class Replay - MP4 Video and Mp3 Audio - Including 6 PDF Documents - 143min

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