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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Chakra Animation Transmission

Galactic Chakra Animation Transmission

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Greetings Galactic Ascension Creatrix,

This Brand New Galactic Animation Transmission Energizes Your Spirit Vision & Activates Your 5TH, 6TH & 7TH Higher Dimensional Chakras & Is Perfect For Energy Sensitive Empaths To Treat Ascension Symptoms Of Stress, Worry, Insomnia & Free Floating Anxiety.

Take An Interdimensional Journey In This 1 Hour Meditation Movie To Rise Beyond Density & Duality To Energize & Cleanse Your Cells, Glands & Emotional Nervous System To The Colors, Sounds & Essence Of Your New Human Crystalline Soul Frequency.

When You Sit Back, Relax & Breathe In These Sacred Light Geometries, You Are Bathed By The Six Winged Seraphim In Honey Amrita Nectar To Cleanse, Clear & Strengthen Your Angelic Wings Of Power, Resilience & Freedom From Suffering.

Watch & Listen As The Visible & Invisible Galactic Light Codes Unlock Chakra Blockages To Move Old Stuck Energy, Comb Your Meridians, Lighten Your Frequency & Awaken Your 36 Chakras In Your Luminous Light Body.

Vandanas Soothing Voice & Astarans Sacred Mandalas Help You To Relax, Rest & Digest Unprocessed Stress So You Can Fulfill Your Soul Purpose In This Lifetime.

Watch, Listen & Receive This Light Body Energy Medicine To Vibrationally Support You Through This Challenging Ascension Transitional Timeline.

To Learn More About Vandana, Visit: Http://
To Learn More About Astaran, Visit: Https://

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Blessed Be, Vandana & Astaran
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