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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Chakra Activation MP3

Galactic Chakra Activation MP3

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Take a magical journey into the gateways, vortexes and portals of your multidimensional chakras!

Balance your masculine and feminine energies as you Align, Activate & Awaken the highest vibrational frequencies from the heavenly realms. The angels of creation are here to awaken and expand your light body to one of transparency and luminosity.

We don't have to die to become en-lightened.

As you listen to these healing transmissions from the councils of light, you will be reintroduced and reacquainted with your divine essence and your soul signature that makes you extraordinarily special and unique.

Receive divine light codes to restore your magnificence and step back into your natural flow as your multidimensional light body is reformed and repatterned back to its original state of purity and perfection.

Allow your light body, your cells, atoms, molecules and DNA to vibrate from the highest love you have ever known or experienced up until now.

Shift into the highest version of you and expand into your 33 Galactic Chakra Column as you return to your self-mastery as you align and harmonize with divine mind.

During this meditation, Vandana invokes the loving presence of your angels and guides to help you release trauma and heal the past so you can create and manifest ease, joy, grace and bliss all the time.
  • Activate, Unlock & Awaken Your 33 Galactic Chakras & Star Destiny!
  • Experience a R.I.C.H. Release to unlock blocked & stuck energy
  • Recalibrate & Re-Structure Your Star Essence & Divine DNA
  • Lighten, Uplift & Expand Your Energy Field & Personal Space
  • Open & Activate Your Galactic Ascension Chakras
  • Feel Happier, Brighter & Lighter As Your Natural State Of Being
  • Expand Your Bliss, Joy & Pleasure Centers In Your Light Body
Blend with and breathe in the heart of God through you and as you.

Is now the time to anchor your intentions and live the life you truly signed up for?

You are light, you are love, you are God in physical form.

Blend, Merge, Integrate & Harmonize your essence, speak your truth and BE the wayshower of light that you have always been and will always be.

101 minutes
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