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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Angelic Mother Wound Soul Retrieval

Galactic Angelic Mother Wound Soul Retrieval

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Greetings Galactic New Earth Guardian Angel,

Welcome to a brand new 3-week divine feminine soul retrieval empowerment attunement to heal your ancestral feminine connection with your earth & star mothers that birthed you from past lives, in parallel timelines &from the womb of your entire galactic grandmother guardian’s bloodline.

When you break the spells & cycles of mother-child generational wounding, you heal the wombs of your maternal ancestors that birthed you who still live through you so you can become your soul lineage liberator, retrieve missing power pieces from the women in your family & set everyone free from disempowering vows that weakened your family tree.

This brand-new program is meant for you to attend if your adult inner child is still suffering, struggling & energetically suffocating from the umbilical cord of your first human caregiver attachment that only you can heal to empower your life, evolve your soul & re-birth your kundalini creativity as a cosmic christed child of heaven & earth.

In this 3-week Galactic Angelic Soul Retrieval Surgery, You & Earth & Star Mother Ancestors Will Be Introduced & Attuned To: 

  • The 6th Dimensional 11 Unknown Celestial Female Archeis (Archangels)
  • The 7th Dimensional Elohim, Oraphim, Seraphim & Cherubim Re=Birthing Archangels
  • The 8th Dimensional Akashic Soul Records Of The Female Bloodlines Soul Biographies
  • The 9th Dimensional Crystalline Angels That Hold Your Soul Blueprint & Soul Retrieval Crystal

 Join the Angels Of Soul Retrieval Surgery To Heal Your Multidimensional Mothers Soul And: 

  • Re-Parent your adult child’s emotional bodies to heal your karmic mother child contract
  • No longer repeat toxic family patterns you've inherited from your mothers’ genes & DNA
  • Transmute lifetimes of shame, doubt, and guilt you carry in your womb chakra
  • Raise your self-esteem & people pleasing co-dependent relationships with other women
  • Connect with the ancient guardian empowered grandmother to heal ancestral soul trauma
  • Speak your truth, strengthen your boundaries & heal the root of self-sabotaging behavior
  • Heal earth birth trauma to feel loved, wanted & supported by your souls’ ancestral mothers

When your soul says YES, I will gently guide you on an interdimensional soul retrieval surgery journey to access your mother-child galactic soul contracts in your soul histories libraries in the world womb & 22 hearts of the milky way galaxy!

In Week 1, You Will Experience:

A Soul Awakening Journey To The Birth Canal Of The Multiverse To Awaken Your Soul Star, Alta Major & Mouth Of The Goddess Chakra To Speak Your Anuhazi Light Language & Retrieve Your Priestess Magical Alchemy That Your Female Ancestors Weren't Allowed To Access Through Your Daath High Heart. Mouth Of The Goddess & Visshudha Throat Chakras.

Here you can open, access & re-write your ancestral maternal contracts with the Angels Of Soul Recovery to re-pattern dysfunctional soul patterns from your angelic starseeds ancestors to heal the feminine frequency of your biological mothers emotional nervous system.

This Re-Beginning Journey Allows You To Release Toxic Corded Soul Imprints You Absorbed In The 9 Months Of Growing In Your Mothers Uterus So You Can See Each Other’s Human Imperfections Through The Eyes Of Loving Kindness, Higher Understanding & Compassion.

In Week 2, You Will Experience:

A Soul Retrieval Surgery Treatment with Etheric Light Surgery, Heart Holding, Wing Building & Womb Massaging To invite your missing soul energy that didn’t' feel safe to say that flew away back to the home that houses your loveable wise old soul.

Here you will experience an Angelic Soul Retrieval with the Angels Of Surgery that specialize in blessing & blowing the pain away in your wombs power center for you & your wounded ancestors to create an open & welcome space to honor their return through your halo, heart & hara life line so you can rest, digest & integrate your missing soul wisdom with the divine feminine medicine of grace, mercy & forgiveness.

This Second Journey Allows You & Your Mother To Experience A Nurturing Re-Birthing Process With The Divine Dispensations From Your Angelic Intervention Teams that Over-Light Your Soul Bodies In Past Lives, Parallel Universes & Your Original Soul Template From Your Home Planet.

In The Safety Of Your Mother’s Womb, You Will Be Fed With Nourishing Honey Amrita, Liquid Light & Mothers Milk To Calm Your Brain, Heart, Spine & Growing Nervous System While Your Mothers Fears Are Wrapped In The Salve Of The Seraphim & Returned To The Womb Wings Of The Angelic Mothers Who Conceived The Realms Of Divine Creation.

In Week 3, You Will Experience:

A soul integration recovery surgery to retrieve your self-esteem, confidence & ability to love & accept the parts of you that you've disowned unconditionally.

With the divine intervention of your angelic healing team, your etheric umbilical cord will be cleansed, her imprinted fears will be cleared & your soul light energy will be gathered, re-collected & integrated in your power scepter crystal as your soul pieces return on the wings of your soul angels.

On This Final Soul Retrieval Journey, Your Angels Of Soul Retrieval Will Invite The Higher Selves With Your Spirit Guides Of You & Your Biological Birth Mother To Exchange Each Other’s Absorbed Soul Parts, Retrieve Your Missing Soul Parts In Your Power Crystal & Be Re-Born With Brand New Wings Of Freedom That Liberate You & All Of Your Eternal Mothers.

Your 12D Platinum Shields Safety Net Protects You & Your Mothers Angel Wings To Prevent You From Fearing Falling & Ensuring You Always Land Safely & Never Feeling Abandoned By Your 11 Female Archeia Mothers, Midwives & Doulas Who Re-Birth, Bathe, Brush, Bless & Wash Your Halo, Heart & Hara’s Lifeline With Wing Smudging & Sweeping, Hugging, Holding & Swaddling To Fluff, Protect, Awaken & Keep Your Angels Aura Clean & Pristine.

Whether your mothers live in a physical vessel or has returned to her rainbow light body, you will both be able to reconcile, make amends & unbind the ancestral chains of mother & child relationship trauma.

When you participate & experience all 3 multidimensional mothering sessions, you will be able to make peace with your angels & ancestors so you can seal womb wounds, mend Mother Cords & heal trillions of generations of passed on mother & child misunderstandings so you can strengthen your emotional resiliency & set all of your ancestors free from contractual soul suffering, birth labor trauma & womb imprinted disempowerment you've inherited from your birth Mothers DNA.

Includes a total of 3 MP4 Video and 3 MP3 Audio Class Replays & 23 PDFs - over 7 hours.

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