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Vandana Light Healing

FIVE 30 Minutes Sessions

FIVE 30 Minutes Sessions

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Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery Session

When You Work with Me, You Will Experience:

• Feelings Of Bliss, Peace & Space On A Cellular Level
• Enhanced Clarity On Your Soul Mission & Life Path
• Deep Relaxation In Your Mental & Emotional Bodies
• Soulful Presence To Receive Universal Gifts & Blessings
• Increased Energy To Create, Attract & Manifest Your Dream Life
• Happy, Healthy & Holy Sacred Relationships That Nurture & Support You
• Self-Love To Honor, Nurture & Re-Parent Inner Child Wounds
• Stronger Connection To Pure Source & Your Higher Soul Self
• Trusting Your Intuition, Psychic Gifts & 5D Telepathy To Help & Heal You
• Courage & Confidence To Speak Your Truth With Divine Ease & Grace

All sessions are held on Skype or Zoom and are recorded by request. Live sessions are available in or near New York City.

Distant healing sessions are available by request.
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