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Vandana Light Healing

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Finding Your Authentic Voice

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How often do you hide your voice and make yourself invisible?

Were you told or thought that your feelings, point of view, or awareness weren't a contribution to others growing up?

Would you like to return all those lies right now so you can mend your past and heal your future?

Are you ready to get out of your head and stop fantasizing about how good it would feel if you were able to speak your truth with total ease?

If you've been holding back your sweet beautiful voice from being heard for far too long, would now be the time to express yourself freely to everyone you meet? Could this change your entire life and be the inspiration for others to sing their song and be who they truly be?

You will have the opportunity to revisit the past where the origin of trauma began so we can clear all of those experiences and cellular memories out of our beings, and step into our powerful and amazing voices!!!

Vandana will be tapping into the consciousness of everyone joining our call tonight live or on the webcast as well as all beings who are ready to shine their light and find their authentic voice (including you!). Any energetic blocks that have been holding your authentic voice hostage will be unlocked, so you can ask for what you've never had the words to ask for until now.

We will be opening, clearing, purifying, and expanding the ever evolving magical voice that is truly you!

MP3 - 85 Minutes

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