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Vandana Light Healing

Etheric Acupuncture For Stress, Anxiety & Energy Loss

Etheric Acupuncture For Stress, Anxiety & Energy Loss

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Receive etheric acupuncture from miraculous physicians, diagnosticians & soul soothing specialists from the great white lodge in the heart of Shambhalla to regenerate & rejuvenate your mind, body & spirit.

Be teleported to the ashram of divine doctoring, spirit surgery & soul recovery to clear your lesser known chakras, marma points, meridians, nadis & etheric bodies with advanced healing, laser light & master technology from Dr Lorphan & the Arcturian Medical Assistants (AMAS).

Release your greatest fears, worries & anxieties to be bathed & blessed with magic, medicine & miracles from beyond this world in a higher dimension that exists beyond the veil of human perception.

Experience what it looks & feels like to unlock, unblock & unravel the fake, false energies that are not true & were never you!

These include:

- Mind, Heart & Stomach Armor

- False Masks, Identities & Realities

- Veils Of Illusion & Mental Confusion

- Cords, Darts & Arrows Of Others Projections

- Ancestral Patterns, Programs & Stories

- Karmic Miasms & Frozen Fears

- Shadows, Heart Walls & Toxic Shame

Once you say YES, you will experience:

- Etheric Acupuncture

- Infra Red Therapy

- Laser Light Technology

- Cosmic Soul Retrieval

- Etheric Acupuressure

- Core Fear Removal

- Core Love Infusion

- Re-Birthing Of True Self

- Divine Density Detox

- Sea Salt Soaks


This is a gentle yet powerful healing modality to help you expand into:

- Relaxation & Rejuvenation

- Greater Clarity, Energy & Vitality

- Self-Trust, Self-Love & Self-Awareness

- Profound Peace & Presence

- Ease In Self-Expression

- Compassion For Self & Others

- Higher Vibrations & Joyful Sensations

Your cosmic prescription is waiting to be filled outside of time & space!

Bring your cares, concerns & human problems to be washed, bathed & cleansed in 100% pure light by your divine healing intervention team that over-sees & over-lights you in all timelines, lifetimes, galaxies & realities!


Class Replay - 82min - MP4

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