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Vandana Light Healing

Etheric Acupuncture Attunement - For Energy Leaks, Dis-Empowerment & Soul Exhaustion

Etheric Acupuncture Attunement - For Energy Leaks, Dis-Empowerment & Soul Exhaustion

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If you're like me, you are a sensitive soul who feels so deeply that physical acupuncture can even feel too intense & invasive. 

The good news is that Dr Lorphan & The Arcturian Galactic Healing Team can help you, treat you & teach you how to use needeless needles that are microscopically encoded with solar light, lunar light & infra red technology from the great white lodge in the heart of Shambhalla. 

I am honored to be your galactic guide to nurture, care for & mentor you to become attuned to a higher healing frequency & modality that exists outside of time & space in the field of holy love & amazing grace! 

In this sacred soul gathering, you will learn how to work with etheric needles to unlock stuck energy, density & astral debris remotely or as an add on to your existing healing modality. 

You don't have to be a professional healer, coach or body worker to learn this system. 

Teleport To Higher Dimensional Healing Hospitals, Treatment Centers & Womb Re-Birthing Rooms To Unlock: 

- Suppressed Stress
- Withheld Emotions
- Frozen Fear, Fight & Flight
- Empathic Pain
- Overwhelm & Over-Thinking
- Stuck Energy
- Astral Entities
- Womb & Birth Trauma 

These divine healing instruments can only be used for the highest good of all who receive them & amplify & magnify healing results on anyone you work with. 

In this etheric acupuncture attunement, you will learn how to telepathically transmit loving energy & life force energy into etheric (non-physical) needles, trust your intuitive guidance & simply know which chakras, meridians & nadis need re-balancing, opening & re-calibration. 

You can charge each needle with Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing or any other healing modality to re-balance mental, emotional or physical dis-harmony. 

No harm can come from the "wrong" placement of an etheric needle. 

If a needle is placed in a point(s) that might cause an imbalance, your higher self will neutralize the affects for your highest & greatest good. 

These divine healing instruments & laser light technology will dissolve after about twenty minutes so no harm can ever be done.

Galactic Energy Healing can only be experienced in the great white lodge in the etheric healing retreats, ashrams & golden cities of light. 

Healing Benefits Include: 

- Deep Relaxation
- Stress Release
- Deep Sleep
- Cortisol Reduction
- Chakra Balancing
- Expanded Awareness
- Profound Peac
- Emotional Healing 

During this galactic treatment process, you will meet Dr Lorphan, Divine Chiropractors & Cosmic Physicians To Adjust, Align & Awaken Your Brain, Spine & Nervous System On Your Healthiest & Holiest Ascension Timeline. 

You will receive 2 Etheric Acupuncture & Acupressure Attunements To Release Stuck Energies, Negative Entities & Lower Vibrational Densities That Keep You Frozen, Fearful & Frightened To Love Yourself Free In This Ascending Reality! 

Lie Back & Let Go While Your Divine Healing Intervention Team Attune You To Etheric Empowerment Acupuncture & instruct you how to create etheric acupuncture needles to unlock energy blocks on yourself, your clients or your  loved ones. 

Your Over-Lighting Divine Acupuncture Team Is Standing By Ready To Attune You To Intuitively Know, Trust & Use This Easy To Learn Etheric Acupuncture Process To Detoxify & Purify Your Mind, Heart & Nervous Systems. 


Class Replay - 93 Minutes - MP4 Video

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