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Vandana Light Healing

Emerald Heart Chakra Divine Detox

Emerald Heart Chakra Divine Detox

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Enjoy taking a heart opening journey to the temple of your own loving & compassionate Emerald Heart where you can safely unburden your heart of unprocessed grief, sadness, loneliness & the pain of unreciprocated loving relationships.

When your heart is open, it’s easier to love & accept yourself unconditionally but when it’s blocked, it feels harder with hundreds of heart walls, shields & armor you’ve built to protect you but now no longer serves you & only makes you feel invisible and unlovable.

Learn everything you’ve wanted to know about how you can open, unlock & heal your physical, emotional & etheric heart to experience more joy, peace, your right to happiness & self-forgiveness on this 2 hour heart opening & expanding healing experience.

This program includes chakra “cheat sheets”, energy processes & at home exercises you can do to keep your heart open and embody the spirit of loving kindness for yourself, others & all sentient beings.

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