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Vandana Light Healing

Earth Star Activation Program

Earth Star Activation Program

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I'm super excited to offer a brand-new empowerment attunement to attune to the new earth energies of your 5D guardians, power protectors & deva angelic earth elohim.

Join me to awaken, open & strengthen your natural healing ability to no release 3D planetary density, corded energetic attachments & old earth fears based programs to help you become a crystal clear channel of heaven on earth.

I'm honored to share the latest cosmic ascension preparations, divine downloads & high vibrational upgrades to help you feel more alive & give you back the energy to transverse the universe & retrieve your gifts, power & highest purpose.

When Your Earth Star Chakra Is Open, Awakened & Activated, You Can Receive Important Ascension Updates from your Karmic Record Keepers who over-light your soul in each incarnation, direction & dimension.

If you find yourself struggling & suffering in this transitional timeline, your Earth Star Chakra connection may present ascension symptoms that make you feel drained, depleted & disconnected.

This new earth chakra doctoring session is perfect for you if you feel like you don't:

  • Fit in, belong or feel out of place at your job, with friends or in your community
  • Feel safe, speak up or ever truly feel comfortable in your earthly physical body
  • Know why you're here, who you are or feel clueless about your soul purpose
  • Practice daily spiritual hygiene, clear your chakras or don't feel energy sensitive

If you are a caregiver, people pleaser & would like to learn how to practice stronger boundaries this program offers quick & easy ways to:

  • Commune with supportive spirit guides, totem allies & past life earth guardians
  • Retrieve your Sirian-Leumerian-Atlantian crystals & power tools to be of service
  • Learn how to forest bathe, connect with nature & work with Master Adama from Telos
  • Connect with your tribes, animal totems & ancestral helping spirits to feel protected

Raise your vibration & sample a taste of heaven in this earth star chakra attunement to help you feel grounded, supported & divinely directed & adjust to the new earth atmosphere by dropping earth density, recalibrating your frequency & healing your ancestral lineage from karmic debt, vows of poverty & earth abandonment.

If your soul says YES, join me to: 

  • Feel Divinely Protected by Star Shamans, Spirit Surgeons & Inner Earth Doctors
  • Vibrate & Resonate with Pure Photonic Light to Align with the Ascension Dimension
  • Awaken & Attune Your 5th Eye, Galactic Chakras & Expanded Cosmic Consciousness
  • Feel the Kindness & Benevolence of Ascended Masters who Back, Bless & Pray For You
  • Boost Your Immunity System in Healing, Rehab & Earth Trauma Recovery Centers
  • Explore Vibrational Remedies In Inner-Earth Pharmacies & Become Your Own Doctor
  • Safely Travel To Your Akashic & Inner Earth Libraries to Re-Write Your Soul Records
  • Retrieve Lost, Missing Or Stolen Soul Pieces To Feel Safe & Sovereign On New Earth
  • Experience Etheric Acupuncture, Spirit Surgery & Ultra Violet Light Treatments

Experience a taste of space, grace & heaviness in the heart of your soul records library to clear ancestral karmic debt, vows of past life poverty & old earth self-sabotaging contracts to gain greater clarity, insights & crystal clear awareness to make your light shine even brighter than ever!!!

Receive a 5D Safety Net On 3 New Earth Journey Sessions To Help You:

  • Feel Divinely Protected by Star Shamans, Medicine Buddhas & Agarthan Ascended Masters
  • Vibrate & Resonate with Accelerated Galactic Light Frequencies to in your crystalline light body
  • Awaken Your Spiritual Vision, Creatrix Chakras & 9th Dimensional Buddhic Consciousness
  • Receive Oneness Blessings From Hollow Earth Librarians Who Protect Your Soul Recordings In Your Earth Incarnations
  • Boost Your Immunity System With Inner Earth Doctors & Surgeons Who Reside In The Reiki Respite Centers In The Heart Of Shambhalla
  • Safely Travel In Your Hearts Ascension Vehicle To Access Forgotten Gifts You Left Behind In Leumeria & Atlantis
  • Retrieve Lost, Missing Or Stolen Soul Pieces To Feel Safe & Sovereign With Earths Climate Changes
  • Experience Etheric Acupuncture, Laser Light Treatments & Red Reiki Color Therapy To Melt Corded Attachments & Recover Faster From Earth Based Trauma

This Inner Earth Star Chakra Activation Program Includes:

Class 1 - Earth Insecurity – Feeling you can never trust your intuition or change your "bad luck" or negative karma in this reality

Class 2 - Earth Anxiety - Feeling too much or too little energy that leads to stressful thoughts, needless worry & looping patterns of obsessive suffering

Class 3 - Earth Fear - Feeling stuck, frozen  & energetically paralyzed as you alternate between old realities & higher dimensional cosmic consciousness

Each Grounding Session allows you to unwind chakra blocks, clear collective fear & manifest your divine soul purpose so you can enjoy the fruits of spiritual abundance.

This package includes:

  • 3 Downloadable Class Galactivation Replays To Watch Or Listen To (Including Energetically Embedded Healing Images, Mantras & Sacred Geometries)
  • 18 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others


3 Class Replays - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 302 min

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