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Vandana Light Healing

Eagle And Condor Heart-Mind Chakra Medicine

Eagle And Condor Heart-Mind Chakra Medicine

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During this 2-hour Eagle & Condor Heart Opening Attunement, you will learn how to work with Eagle & Condor Medicine to replace Pessimistic Belief Systems with a Renewed Sense of Optimism, Hope & Freedom from Painful Thoughts & Emotional Suffering!

You Can Summon Eagle-Condor Medicine To Visit You When You Find Yourself: 

  • Playing Small, Numbing Or Disassociating From Your Authentic Feelings
  • Second Guessing your Intuition, Feeling heavy, lifeless & like a victim
  • Numbing and Stuffing Painful Emotions with Toxins to Bypass Difficult Feelings
  • Feeling split, in emotional conflict & lack the energy to create a new path
  • See your life & problems from a limited, narrow or wounded perspective
  • Stuck in survival mode repeating the karmic poverty mindset of your ancestors
  • Unable to embody the Munay-Ki way of loving & accepting yourself just as you are

Your New Kuntur Animal Ally Will Help You To: 

  • Release heavy "hucha" heavy unworthiness energy to feel that you are enough
  • Heal inner conflict between your heart & your mind to trust you are on the right path
  • Clear heart walls, imprints & ancestral burdens to travel lightly & heal your feelings
  • Step into who you are dreaming into being with the grace, elegance & confidence
  • See your problems with greater clarity to attract new opportunities & possibilities
  • Spread your wings to fly above duality & arrive safely where you need to be

During this 2-hour “letting go” trance journey, you will bond with the most sacred & revered Eagle & Condor Power Animals to clear the mind of your heart & the heart of your mind so you can become a vibrational match to your natural state of peace, freedom, oneness & balance.

“When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken.” - Inca prophecy

When You Say YES To Receiving Heart Chakra Clearing & Mind-Bending Cleansing, You May Continue To Experience These Amazing Benefits Even After This Class: 

  • Ease & Agility In Seeing Life From A Higher & Broader Perspective
  • Greater Insights, Clarity & Divine Visions To Step Into Who You Are Becoming
  • Trusting Your Heart-Brain & Clear Mind To Feel Free, Worthy & Manifest Abundance
  • Owning Your Gifts As A Visionary, Healer, Earthkeeper & Person Of Power
  • Finding The Solutions To Our Problems that heal our past, present & future

Return to the place of the rising sun to co-create new beginnings on your way to evolving into becoming a person of power and see your life with eagle eyes spirit vision & see-through illusion through the eyes of your heart & wings of condor’s feminine intuition.

Experience what it feels like to fly side by side with 2 new spirit guides in the same vast skies to usher in the return of the divine feminine & fulfill the ancient prophecies that one day we can live in peace again.

Rise above old earth density & fly with me with the Eagle & Condors Rebalancing Energy to remember how to fly wing to wing with great spirit to fulfill your dreams, visions & divine destiny!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 142min - 8 Documents

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