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Vandana Light Healing

DIVINE SOAK & SOLAR FLOAT - For Depression, Frustration & Over-Stimulation

DIVINE SOAK & SOLAR FLOAT - For Depression, Frustration & Over-Stimulation

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This powerful solstice portal is about connecting to the 5D consciousness & intelligence of the two 'outer' suns, Alcyon the central sun & Sirius the Great central sun.

Join me on a brand new solar light infusion to penetrate & illuminate inner darkness, emotional density & energetic debris stuck, suppressed buried within you & around you from the heart, mind & body of the Gaia collective.

As we know, Golden Light is one of the highest Christed Frequencies that we can embody so give your inner child full permission to step through the solar gates to radiate & emanate in golden frequencies to renew & re-birth you.

Solar heat serves as creative fuel to empower, energize & purify poisons, parasites & pollutants which drain, deplete & exhaust your mind, body & spirit.

In this class, you will be gifted the golden key to soul travel to receive divine healing intervention from Dr Lorphan, The Divine Doula Mira Lyra & The Arcturian Assistants in the cosmic healing hospitals that exist in the higher worlds & inner planes of wellness, oneness & immortality.

You will receive a golden sun galactivation from the solar christos, deities & galactic archangels from the inner the heart of the inner sun Alcyone (Pleiades Star) as well as the earth's 'outer' central sun (Sirius) also known as the Great central sun.

Can you feel the liquid gold & solar heat warming, soothing & melting your mind, heart & stomach armor so you can serve the light, be the light & live in light as your spiritual birthright?

This sacred solar soak will bathe, bless & shower you with nameless light from the central sun to dissolve density, stuck points, mucous, bindings & blind spots that suppress & depress your mind, spine & nervous system.

You will receive etheric acupuncture, acupressure & star medicine from solar doctors, christed surgeons & spirit shamans to gently & non-invasively extract etheric implants, harmful imprints & negative entities that create chaos, havoc & confusion & show up as blocks, barriers & burdens instead of blessings, gifts & miracles.

When you say "yes,"

you will be transported to the temple of rest, respite & recovery to rejuvenate & regenerate pineal clamps, control rods & less than kind devices & attachments so you can reclaim your joy, bliss & right to exist in a happier & healthier 5D timeline.


Class Replay - 104 Minutes - MP4 Video

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