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Vandana Light Healing

DIVINE SOAK & COSMIC FLOAT - For Suppressed Stress, Shock & Sudden Change

DIVINE SOAK & COSMIC FLOAT - For Suppressed Stress, Shock & Sudden Change

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Are you ready to experience  calmness, stillness & the sounds of sacred silence?

Human stress, shock & sudden change don't have to drain, deplete or weigh you down when you soak & swim in divine sensations of weightlessness, formlessness & multi-sensory awareness.

Because you are here in a human body, you have earned the right to unwind limbic loops that scare, terrorize & trouble you so you can feel safe, seen & supported under the sun, over the moon or right here on the new earth vibration.

To move you into waves of wellness, wholeness & holiness, there is always help available in the blue womb room!

In this private space of grace, you will soak in Crystal Light, Sacred Waters & Liquid Love In The Theta State & Twilight Zone Of Peace, Presence & Pleasure With Cosmic Physicians, Christed Surgeons & Divine Diagnosticians From The Seas Of Serenity, Tranquility & Divinity.

Let Go & Let God Help You To Meditate, Levitate & Radiate 100% Pure Liquid Light Into, Through & All Around You In Your Own Medi-Pod & Treatment Room To Release Pent Up Stress, Reduce Shock to your Nervous System & help you process, rest & digest sudden change that feels too much or too hard.

You Will Receive A Blue Ray Trance-Mission In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhalla With Dr Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Assistants Who Hold The Medicine, Magic & Miracles That Is Written In The Stars!

Your Frequency Float Tank Is Composed Of Soul Supported Star Supplements, Magical Minerals, Nourishing Nutrients & Azeztulite Light that Hold The Power & Potency To Cleanse, Clear & Purify Your Thoughts, Feelings & Fear Filled Memories Held In Your Brain, Spine & Nervous System.

In This Sacred Space Of Holy Grace, You Can Release Others Energies & Entities You've Empathed & Absorbed While Spirit Shamans Return Your Own Energy, Light & Life Force Energy You've Lost, Leaked Or Left You On Other Troubled Trauma Timelines.

Experience Your Own 5D Float Tank & Healing Chamber To Stimulate & Activate Your bodies natural relaxation response to heal & harmonize your mind, body & spirit!

As a divine human, you have earned the right to receive your Ascension Activation Upgrade to help you lower stress levels, self-heal & deep clean the sadness, stress & stuckness you've held, carried & buried deep in your muscle memory & cellular biology.

As you soak & float, you are naturally held, treated & comforted in a cocoon of 100% pure light to clear ancient fear, uplift your spirit & raise your vibration to a higher dimension that serves & supports your true identity.

Take A Mental Break From 3D Density, Intensity & Overwhelm & Check Into The Blue Womb Room To  Resurrect. Re-Birth & Re-Parent Your Healthy, Happy & Holy Inner Child.


Class Replay - 120 Minutes - MP4

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