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Vandana Light Healing



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Soak, Float & Bathe In Christed Light & Liquid Love With The Cosmic Physicians, Divine Diagnosticians & Cosmic Care Councils In The Healing Hospital In The Stars!

3D Float Tanks have been scientifically shown to reduce & relieve pain, anxiety, depression & even addiction without prescription drugs, or chemical remedies.

5D Float Tanks exist outside the space/time continuum off planet & are composed of spiritual light that awakens, illuminates & activates your higher senses, creativity, vitality & clarity to still your mind & soothe your soul.

This is a divine appointment to fill your cosmic prescription with Dr Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Assistants from the Great White Lodge Of Rest, Respite & Recovery where the magic, medicine & miracles are always available 24/7.

When you say "yes,"

you will experience sacred soul travel to your own private medi-pod in the christed crystal seasalt caves underground & above the earth as you are lovingly cared for, nurtured bathed & blessed with 100% pure holy light to divinely detox debris, anxiety & density you've carried & stored in your lifetimes & timelines for you & your ancestors.

In these waves, streams & pools of tranquility, you can safely release dense distress as you soak in crystals, sea salts & minerals to release empathed energies & false identities in your physiology, neural circuitry & body chemistry in the sacred space of holy grace.

Additional Benefits Of Galactic Floatation Therapy Are:

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • Enhanced Energy, Vitality & Connectivity
  • Ease In Falling & Staying Asleep
  • Help With Burnout & Brain Fog
  • Lowers Stress Hormones & Cortisol Levels
  • Relaxation Response Re-Patterning
  • Calmness, Lightness & Brightness
  • Greater Productivity, Presence & Pleasure

Get out of your head & dive deep in the crystal caves & christed waters of  ascension re-birth, 5D rejuvenation & cellular regeneration as you lie back, lean in & float in stillness & the sounds of silence.


Class Replay - 102 Minutes - MP4

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