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Vandana Light Healing

Divine Mother-Earth Mother-Maternal Love Infusion MP4 - NEW Video Activation!

Divine Mother-Earth Mother-Maternal Love Infusion MP4 - NEW Video Activation!

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I created this accelerated light healing infusion video containing solfeggio sounds, embedded images & cosmic codes to vibrationally support you in the field of multi-dimensional mothering!

As an empathic, sensitive & multi-dimensional soul, chances are you came here to teach, inspire & parent your own parent!

Watch this magical video to heal, rescue & retrieve your childlike trust, innocence & open heart lost or taken that still exists in past lives, parallel timelines & alternate galactic realities.

The benefits of divine & earth mothering help you to:

  • Re-set your limbic brain & nervous system
  • Recover from adrenal arousal & overwhelm
  • Release old hurts, heart walls & repressed pain
  • Relieve body stress, pain & tension held in your muscle memories
  • Reclaim Your Right To Happiness, Wholeness & Holiness
  • Forgive Yourself & Others From Troubled Timelines
  • Dissolve Toxic Shame For You & Your Maternal Bloodlines
  • Heal Your Ancestral Lineage Of Childhood Loss & Disempowerment
  • Re-parent  & Re-birth your innocent, magical wild child

As the divine feminine frequencies re-emerge. you can easily & effortlessly welcome her benevolence, kindness, & compassion to help you co-create & re-birth a new ascension earth vibration.

This healing track allows you to fully embody Mothers Grace in your womb, hara & re-birthing centers to co-create heaven on earth on your highest timeline meant just for you!

The essence of Mother Love holds & supports you as above you & so below  to heal lack, fear & the illusion of separation from the mother of all creation.

This pure love embedded frequency track heals your inner child & allows you to feel at home here & belong here on this Golden Gaia Timeline.

Experience deep, profound, healing love from the Holy Mother Collective to unpack the illusion of separation from your own love vibration.

On this sacred cosmic heart opening vision quest, you will be seen, loved & held in the arms of:

  • Mother Mary
  • Lady Gaia
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Lady Nada
  • Lady Portia
  • The Archeias (Divine Feminine Archangels)
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