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Vandana Light Healing

Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program

Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program

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Dive Into Each Sacred Healing Transmission & Experience An Accelerated Light Vibrational Upgrade To Repair, Regenerate & Rejuvenate Your Body/Mind/Spirit In The Celestial Sanctuary Of Rapid Recovery & Profound Peace.

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Introduces You To Your Angelic, Celestial & Multidimensional Medical Team That Don’t Exist Here Where You Will Journey With Me To Release Toxins & Receive Divine Doses Of Nameless Light And Star Elixirs To Re-Birth Your True Self & Restore Your Radiant Health & Total Well-Being.

Each Webinar Contains Gentle & Safe Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets To Watch On Demand At Your Own Pace & Play On A Loop To Unlock Chakra Blocks As You Are Sleeping.

In Each Class, You Will Receive Updates, Downloads & Energetic Re-Sets From Your Divine Healing Intervention Team To Help You:

  • Separation From Source
  • Mental Overwhelm
  • Generational Trauma
  • Physical Pain Manifestation
  • Mind/Body Imbalance

Class 1

  • Receive Resurrection Light To Rebirth Your True Self
  • Experience A Physical Body Upgrade To Cleanse Your Cells, Chakras & DNA 
  • Unlock Pain Points & Ancestral Trauma To Regulate Your Nervous System

Class 2

  • Receive Star Medicine From Your Helpers, Guides & Galactic Allies
  • Align With The Mind Of Creator, Your Angelic Team & Higher Power
  • Absorb Photonic Light Infusions & Gamma Rays From The Galactic Core 

Class 3

  • Receive Angelic Healing From Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary
  • Dissolve Emotional Heart Walls To Dissolve Blocks & Burdens
  • Resolve Unresolved Stress & Trauma On A Cellular Level

Class 4

  • Clear & Heal Family Karma & Soul Trauma With Divine Spirit Guides
  • Unravel Negative Energy Cords, Spirit Attachments & Quantum Entanglements 
  • Reprint Your DNA With Youth Frequencies To Restore Your Original Divine Blueprint 

Class 5

  • Receive New Earth Healing From Mother Gaia, The Crystal Grids & Plant Medicine
  • Ground Your New Earth Energy With Inner Earth Guardians & Ascended Masters
  • Awaken Your Inner Shaman On Your Path To Become A Person Of Power

Student Testimonial: 

Hello Vandana! I would like to THANK YOU for the classes I took. I feel an incredible shift  every time I connect with my Divine healing team! I'm noticing I’m a lot more confident & am so grateful for this course. Also,  I feel so much more connected with my Divine soul & am experiencing profound peace and I’m trusting I have what it takes to manifest an easier life and re-set my entire reality! I appreciate your soul support! Thank you again for empowering people!" Elena

This Program Includes 6 MP3s, 5 PDFs, Comes With A Certificate of Completion & A Complimentary Q & A Session To Answer Your Questions & Attune You To The Valuable Members Of Your Divine Healing Team.

Playtime Is 12 Hours

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