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Vandana Light Healing

Divine Feminine Soul Spa Session

Divine Feminine Soul Spa Session

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Lie back, open & soften your mind & body on this Goddess guided channeled journey as you let go of this world & soak in ancient Egyptian baths blessed with the frequency of ease & tranquility made of balancing blends of warm milk, lavender, honey & euphoric lotus flowers to help you produce the good feeling hormones of oxytocin, melatonin & serotonin.

Give your worries, fears & anxieties to Cleopatra The Alchemist & her team of soul spa attendants from the House Of Life Apothecary who attune & anoint your vibrational frequency with the 7 sacred temple oils to help you recognize your own beauty, strength, courage & resiliency.

This mini spa retreat includes beauty regimens, 7 chakras showers & aromatherapy intervention prescribed by the first female doctors containing empowering tinctures, stress dissolving elixirs, heart opening ambrosia & drops of amrita golden nectar that transmute inner hidden toxic poisons, miasmic patterns & less than kind corded energies into nurturing, soothing self-compassion medicine.

Listen before bedtime or anytime you are in an open, relaxed & distraction free environment.

Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 23 min

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