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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery Bundle

Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery Bundle

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I'm Honored & Excited to Take Your Hand & Guide You to Your Temple of Healing, Longevity & Immortality to Help You Relax, Recharge & Receive Divine Doctoring, Nursing, Counseling & The Quantum Remedies Prescribed Just for you to experience miraculous outcomes for you & your loved ones.

Receive Other Worldly Angelic, Celestial & Miraculous Healing With The Trinity Team & Doctors Of Divinity!

Soul Travel to the Rest, Respite & Recovery Retreat of Radiance, Rejuvenation & Regeneration in The Temple of Miraculous Outcomes.

Welcome to A Heart Guided Sacred Journey to The Heart of Your God Team of Christed Galactics, Star Doctors & Spirit Shamans from Alternate Galaxies, Realities, Dimensions & Timelines.

If you've been feeling lost, unsafe or unwell & disconnected from your own God Particle or separated from your higher powers. it's never too late to meet your inner doctor, healer, guru & teacher & re-write your divine destiny with dignity, integrity & authenticity.

As we leave the old earth paradigm & re-birth 5D unity, the energy, vitality & codes of immortality are available to get well, live well & be well on our highest health ascension timeline. 

As you shift into the higher realms, accelerated transformation occurs faster as your frequency, energy & vibration grows higher & expands vaster into the quantum realms of magic, medicine & miracles.

I invite you to get still, slow down, drop in & slip into that sweet gap between your thoughts & give yourself permission to feel your feelings & listen closely for further instructions on your next steps to claim perfect health in your bright & shiny ascension light vehicle.

As your own bodies spirit guide, your higher self & I AM Presence are always near to help you embody your right to thrive in a body that give you joy, comfort & pleasure.

This Divine Healing Intervention Attunement allows you to feel tended to, nurtured & cared for by Reiki Medical Doctors, Spirit Shamans, Huna Healers. Emergency Teams & Angels Of Surgery who over-see & over-light you from the temples of health, healing & well-being on earth & in the stars.

Embody & Experience The Crystalline Earth Energy, Vitality & Codes Of Immortality From The Inter-Dimensional Soul Specialists & Christed Galactic Healing Teams that over-sees & over-light you 24/7 in all galaxies, dimensions & timelines.

Visit The Inner Realms, Healing Retreats & Ancient Ashrams To Receive Heart Medicine, Soul Medicine & DNA Upgrades That Only Exist Off Planet & Outside Of Space & Time.

You Deserve to live in a body that feels youthful, healthy & happy!

This mp3 bundle contains 8 Galactivation soul healing 90 minute journeys to help you more deeply connect to your divine dream team & cosmic helpers in the stars:

- Arcturian Healing and 5D Clearing for Body Image
- Astral Karma Cleanse For Empaths, Starseeds & Sensitives
- Christed Galactic Clearing and Healing
- Clear Brain Fog, Confusion and Forgetfulness with Dr. Lorphan
- Clear Timeline Triggers Tension and Overwhelm With Dr, Lorphan and The Arcturian Medical Team
- Holy Healing For Womb Imprints & Birth Trauma
- Inter-Galactic Intervention For Money Karma & Poverty Vows
- Inter-Galactic Soul Healing With Spirit Shamans & Doctors Of Divinity


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