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Vandana Light Healing

Design Your Destiny & Re-Write Your Soul Records MP3

Design Your Destiny & Re-Write Your Soul Records MP3

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In this Golden Age Of Gaia, Aquarian Fire & Accelerated Transformation, You have full permission to consciously co-create your reality & soul destiny!

You deserve to be free of outdated programs, limiting beliefs & old stories you've outgrown that no longer reflect who you are.

Close your eyes, relax & see if you can envision what it would look & feel like if you no longer had to experience past stress, struggle & trauma recorded in your cosmic library ever again!

If this feels like a huge relief & super light, take back your powers & learn how to become a co-creative healing partner with the cosmic heart & divine mind of infinite consciousness!

Join Vandana & The Divine Healing Intervention Team To:
  • Re-write your Soul Destiny & Re-Set Your Reality
  • Speak your truth with ease & grace
  • Magically Manifest your dreams, visions & desires
  • Discover & Uncover Your Highest Life Purpose
  • Create & Illustrate Your New Soul Biography
Each lifetime is part of an infinite soul plan an in the spiritual school of accelerated ascension!

In this safe & sacred space, you can re-invent yourself from the space of authenticity, transparency & your highest soul truth!

On this call you will get clear on who you are & why you're here!!!

You may listen to this guided journey before bed time time or any time to request as little or as much inner & outer transformation as you are willing to receive!

Change your soul destiny & re-write your soul records!

Gain Easy Access Into The Akashic Realms Of Light To Re-Write The Past, Merge With Your Highest Future Self & Embody 5D Soul Mastery!!!

105 minutes
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