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Vandana Light Healing

Reiki Red Root Chakra Attunement

Reiki Red Root Chakra Attunement

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For Galactic Grounding, Womb Wisdom & Emotional Stability

I'm excited to introduce & attune you to the Red Ray of creativity, prosperity & empowerment.

Come play with me & the new earth spring renewal energies to reclaim your energy, vitality & creativity with your earth allies, elohim angels & deva deities of emerald green revivifying life force energy.

Learn how to recognize the electrical energy of Archangel Uriel the holder of the ruby red ray to share your galactic gifts & be of service to all sentient beings within the heart of humanity.

Experience 2 hours of chakra purification rituals to cleanse earth imprints, empathic footprints & unhealed ancestral wounds to upgrade your new earth operating system in your body, mind & spirit to: 

  • Improve your blood, circulatory, respiratory & immunity systems 
  • Cleanse your 7 chakras in 7 directions in every dimension in all timelines, lifetimes & galaxies
  • Balance Your Yin Yang Ascension Chakras In Your Own Temple Body
  • Integrate Your Higher Self, I AM Presence & Your Magical Soul Child
  • Flex your calming muscles by releasing toxins between the cells of your body
  • Harmonize & balance your mind, heart & belly & electro-magnetic field around you
  • Reclaim your youthful vitality with Reiki Rejuvenate Ruby Red Energy
  • Recognize protective allies, ancestors & allies from your earth & star families

Visit your New Earth Soul Spa Sanctuary & be treated with crystals, oils & infra-red & terahertz terracotta frequencies to mend & repair disempowering wounds for you & your ancestors in the fertile Inner earth star of Agartha, Telos & Shambhala.

As a special bonus, you will also experience an Ancient Egyptian Chakra Shower to help you adjust, adapt & align with the Shumann Resonance & the Heartbeat of Our Earth Mother Gaia.

When you say YES, you will be able to: 

  • Learn a sacred geometry morning ritual to center, ground & protect you
  • Become your own body altar & spirit guide to care for, nurture & give praise to
  • Release earth fear in your in your limbic system, dantian & cellular memories
  • Feel the presence of compassionate medicine buddhas & boddhisatvas underneath your feet
  • Ground your Mulhadara Root Chakra into the safety net of the Shambhala Inner Earth Star Chakra
  • Plant intentional seeds of creative new visions in the fertil soil & roots & womb of PachaMama
  • Forest Bathe with Nature Spirits, Totem Animals & Plant Medicine To Increase Your Intuition & Chakra Envisioning Powers

Come Play In The Fields, Forests & Native Lands Of Your Ancestral People To Receive Grounding Protection, Establish Safe New Connections & Embody Emotional Stability With Deep Ruby Red Reiki Electrical Life Force Energy!!!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 151min - 14 Documents

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