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Vandana Light Healing

Crown Chakra Cord Cleanse Spirit Surgery

Crown Chakra Cord Cleanse Spirit Surgery

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Do you find yourself overthinking and stuck in negative thought patterns? As an open and compassionate empath, you might be easily corded to others' energy, leading to mental overwhelm.

This powerful digital download is your guide to unraveling limiting beliefs, releasing negative attachments, and activating your divine mind.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The root cause of mental clutter
  • How to unblock your Crown Chakra
  • Techniques to overcome black & white thinking
  • Strategies for clear, creative, and conscious thinking
  • Methods to activate your higher mind and expand your perspective

Heal from the Past and Reclaim Your Power:

  • Learn to self-diagnose and unwind negative energy cords.
  • Release the impact of past life wounds, multi-generational cording, or childhood trauma.

Embrace a Brighter Future:

  • Reiki Chakra guidance and Soul Retrieval Star Shamanic techniques to clear your aura, chakras, and energy networks.
  • Violet flame attunement to cleanse your mind of negativity and awaken your higher purpose.
  • Free yourself from entity attachments that hinder your connection to your true self.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced memory
  • Stronger connection to your higher power
  • Awakened intuition and higher brain functions
  • Reduced anxiety and clearer focus
  • Relief from pain, worry, and negative mindsets

Become 100% Sovereign & Free

This will equip you with the tools to transform your mental landscape.

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