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Vandana Light Healing

Cosmic Womb Rebirthing Bundle

Cosmic Womb Rebirthing Bundle

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You're Invited To Experience A Brand New Mother Flame Activation & MA-RAY Illumination From The Triple Fold Flame In The Heart Of Cosmic Mother.

Make Peace With The Mother Within You, The Mother Who Bore You & The Mother Guru Who Is Your Greatest Teacher, Mentor & God Parent.

As A Christed Child, You Deserve To Be Held, Cared For & Adored In A Cosmic Cradle Of Holy Love In The Womb & Cocoon Of Sacred Healing Intervention To Shift & Uplift Your Vibration To A Higher Dimension Where Maternal Miasms (Inherited Trauma), Mistrust & Mis-Understandings Do Not Exist.

If Your Birth Mothers Struggled,  It Doesn't Mean You Have To!

Experience An Emerald Green 5th Ray Illumination Activation From Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary To Expand Your 3rd Eye Visions, Spirit Driven Intuition & Creative Insights As The MA-RAY Collective Raises Your Kundalini, Baptizes Your Water Bodies & Unlocks Your 7 Energy Centers Of Magical & Multidimensional Mastery!

By Changing Your Thoughts, Re-Wiring Your Neurocircuitry & Nervous Systems, You Can Heal Your Wombs Internal Pharmacy To Purify & Detoxify Womb Distress & Birth Anxiety You've Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems.

In This Safe, Sacred & Sovereign Space, You Can Truly Let Go & Lean In To The Feminine Frequency Of Archeias, Goddesses & High Priestesses To Imbue You With Sweet Nectar, Drops Of Amrita & Feminine Flow To Re-Parent, Re-Pattern, Re-Bond & Re-Birth You & Clear You Of Generational, Gestational & Genetically Inherited Trauma Timelines & Lifetimes.

In This Immaculate Conception, You Will Be Re-Birthed In The Heart & Womb Of The Amrita Asharam (Mother Temple)To Resolve, Rest & Digest Unresolved, Unprocessed & Undigested In Utero Stress, Mistrust & Misunderstandings For You, Your Mothers & 13 Generations Of The Grandmothers Who Came Before You.

As A Divine Human, You Have Earned The Right To Experience The Vibration & Sensation Of Being Over-Lit By Divine Doulas, Pleidaian Midwives & Galactic Obstetricians Over The Moon, Under Your Feet & In The Womb Of Cosmic Creation.

When You Align With The Divine, All Wounds Can Be Forgiven, Released & Returned To The Source Of Love.

Soul Travel In The Zoom Womb Room In The Comfort Of Home To Rest In The Mother Of Your Own Cosmic Body Temple.

This Is A Sacred Invitation To Experience The Vibrations & Sensations In Arcturian Healing Hospitals & Re-Birthing Centers In The Great White Lodge Of Multidimensional Magic, Medicine & Miracles!

If You're Ready To Become An Ancestral Shifter, Awakener & Liberator, You Can Transmute Burdens Into Blessings For Your Entire Lineage!

Gift Your Little One Permission To Recover Your Lost Innocence, Femininity & Creativity In The MA-RAY Womb Of Sweet, Selfless & Sacred Love.

Because You're Alive, Breathing & Live In A Body, You Have Already Gained The Right To Be Free Of Inherited Fear, Karmic Shame & Trapped Trauma In Your Biology & Psychology.

This Soulful & Joyful Trance-Mission Purifies & Detoxifies In Utero Distress You Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems That Doesn't Serve You In Your Own Ascension & Evolution Process.

Gift Yourself Permission To FEEL your Feelings & Return HOME To The Cosmic Womb Of MA-RAY Who Will Never Leave You, Let You Down Or Forsake You.

When You & Your Inner Child Say YES, You Will Be Gently Guided, Escorted & Teleported Her Crown Of 12 Stars To Illuminate  & Activate Your Feminine Powers, Sacred Sensuality,  Soulful Creativity & Shakti Potency!


Allow your magical, alchemical & multi-dimensional child to recover your own story, unique identity, sense of belonging & playful true nature to heal:


- The orphan archetype
- Lifetimes of yearning for home
- Feeling like a Motherless Child 
- Vows Of Loneliness, Helplessness & Hopelessness
- Ancestral Maternal Dis-empowerment
- Feeling alienated, invisible & invalidated in being yourself
- Low self-esteem, needless suffering & self-sabotage
- Human birth & pre-birth stress, struggle & trauma


Experience What It Looks & Feels Like To Float & Soak In The MA-RAY Womb Space To Dis-inherit & Dis-own Poisons, Pollutants & Parasites Of Ancestral Toxicity In Your Blood, Bones & Divine DNA Frequency!

Your Divine Doulas, Timeline Transformers & Cosmic Re-Birthers Can Help You To:

- Re-write false childhood identifies & embody your true spiritual identity
- Re-claim your childhood innocence, creativity & sacred sexuality
- Retrieve your pre-birth soul energy from your christed conception
- Dissolve heart walls, false masks, shame shadows & body armor
- Release empathed energies from your hara, dantien & womb chakras
- Cleanse, clear & purify your emotional centers, pain bodies & birthing centers
- Heal sexual trauma & abuse for you & your maternal lineage
- Re-create a cosmic conception & Re-birth process
- Connect to the powers of divine mothers creative energy
- Purify & fortify your sacred womb, auric field & personal boundaries
- Bond With & Forgive Your Natural Birth Mother Of Karmic Misunderstandings
- Re-Bond With A Healthy, Whole & Wholesome Nurturing Mother
- Retrieve Your Special Gifts, Advanced Telepathy & Siddhi Super Powers! 


5 Module Program

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