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Vandana Light Healing

Cosmic Mother Re-Birth - Womb Trauma Healing BUNDLE

Cosmic Mother Re-Birth - Womb Trauma Healing BUNDLE

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Be bathed & blessed from womb distress in the cosmic womb of holy love!

Take 5 sacred soul journeys to be re-birthed in unconditional love to heal maternal mistrust, mother miasms, & mother-child misunderstandings.

Experience cosmic re-birthing to clear your birth mothers fear, stress & trauma you've inherited genetically, generationally & gestationally from the moment of your conception till the day you were birthed on the new earth.

Listen to a different journey every night before bedtime to unwind your mind, soothe your soul & make peace with your ancestral mothers wombs, bodies & bloodlines from your original pre-birth & birth trauma timeline.

This Mother-Child Re-Union Bundle Includes The Following 5 Soul Soothing & Heart Awakening Attunement To Heal You & Your Inner Child:

Cosmic Womb Rebirth Class 1 - Inner Child Integration
Cosmic Womb Rebirth Class 2 - For Chords
Cosmic Womb Rebirth Class 3 - For Separation
Cosmic Womb Rebirth Class 4 - For Maternal Miasms, Mistrust & Mis-Understandings
Cosmic Womb Rebirth Class 5 - For Mother Shame, Labor Pain & Birth Trauma
Each recording is 90 minutes long.

Take back your own energy, vitality & potency & give birth to your ascended adult self with divine ease & holy grace!

5 Videos MP4 - Duration: more than 450 minutes!
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