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Vandana Light Healing

Cosmic Mother - Earth Mother Alignment MP3

Cosmic Mother - Earth Mother Alignment MP3

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Invoke the benevolent, kind & compassionate energies of pure love & holy grace by invoking our mothers on heaven & earth in sacred union.

What if mother earth & cosmic mother merged & co-created an even higher love frequency that we could all embody with ease & grace?

As the divine feminine energies re-emerge, we can all welcome her many forms of benevolence, kindness, & compassion as co-creatrixes of heaven on earth.

If we didn't have just one mother & we could embody the grace of Mother Love for ourselves & all of creation, we could bless all sentient beings, ascend into oneness & align with the divine.

This divine mother frequency transmission invites you expand into having a safety net above you & below you to heal lack, fear & the illusion of separation from the mother of all creation.

This pure love frequency transmission heals your inner child & allows you to feel more at home on your soul travels in any dimension or timeline you wish to experience!

Experience deep, profound, healing love from the Divine Mother’s collective energy Mother to soothe the root cause & source of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental pain or problems.

Receive Divine Healing from:

  • Mother Mary
  • Lady Gaia
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Lady Nada
  • Lady Portia
  • And the Archeia to bless you from the Archangelic Pyramids Of Light!

Receive the pristine healing light & love codes to nurture your spirit & heal your relationship between you & your earth Mother!

The Divine Mothers will cradle and comfort your inner child, delivering the most powerful healing imaginable, healing unresolved issues and trauma of childhood as well as negative patterns that you have adopted as a result.

Experience the bliss of the Divine’s loving embrace and presence within you!

Your cosmic & earth mothers wish to release you from negative energy patterns and toxic emotions so you can easily anchor the higher vibration energies from divine source on the 5D earth vibration.

Experience The Divine Qualities, and Dispensations of the Divine Mothers residing in all galaxies & realities to heal, protect, restore, renew, purify, cleanse and clear any you, your relationships & the entire planet!

109 minutes

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