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Vandana Light Healing

Cosmic Crown Chakra Cleanse

Cosmic Crown Chakra Cleanse

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I'm super excited to open, awaken & strengthen your cosmic connection, divine consciousness & mindful of goodness by unlocking, nurturing & restoring your Sahasrara cosmic crown chakra!

I invite you to clear the clutter in your mind & relax into your theta brain & embody the enlightened buddha mind of bliss, emptiness & loving kindness.

In this class, I will be running divine feminine soul star medicine to:

  • Dissolve heavy thoughts & looping systems from childhood conditioning
  • Discharge self-sabotaging family patterns, programs & false memories
  • Slow down busy beta brainwaves to operate from a peaceful theta presence
  • Unlock crown of thorns, lid closures & the 7 seals to restore your original angelic DNA
  • Melt Fear, Fight & Flight Brain Freeze To Regulate & Re-Set Your Nervous System
  • Shift From 3D Hypervigilance To 5D Presence To Stay Calm In The Midst Of Chaos
  • De-Adrenalize Your Brain Cells With The 7 Neuro-Transmitters Of Ecstasy & Euphoria
  • Release The Calming Endorphins & Happy Hormones Of Serotonin & Oxytocin
  • Delete electro-magnetic triggers, junk files & mind clutter chatter in your limbic system

In addition to these life changing transformational processes, you will meet with your divine mind crown chakra doctors, etheric ENT surgeons & laser light therapists to: 

  • Detach Cosmic Crown Chakra Cords, Hooks & Inter-Galactic Astral Attachments
  • Create A Calm, Clear & Resilient Mind With Ultra Violet Laser Light Lotus Flower Therapy
  • Unpack Mental Poisons, Mucous & Mind Fog That Keep Your Brain On Auto Pilot
  • Extract Lost Souls & Walk Ins With Star Sapphire Medicine & 7 Blue Pearls Of Wisdom
  • Massage Your Head, Neck & Spine To Awaken & Energize Your Galactic Gamma Brain
  • Upgrade Your Brain To It's Natural State Of Clarity, Intelligence & Divine Discernment

Receive Heavenly Chi Light Therapy To Open & Awaken Your 7th Thousand Petaled Lotus Crown Chakra With Dr. Lorphan, Goddess Chamunda & The Etheric Acupuncture Mind Massagers In The Soul Spa Sanctuary Of Shiva/Shakti Blissful Nirvana!!!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 153min - 15 Documents

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