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Vandana Light Healing

Cosmic Child Re-Birth

Cosmic Child Re-Birth

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I'm Excited To Be Your Galactic Guide & Help You Experience A Cosmic Child Re-Union With Star Shamans & Dr Lorphan In The Stars.

Join Me In The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Room & Soul Travel To Shambhallas Great White Lodge, Arcturian Healing Hospitals, Re-Birthing Centers & Galactic Romper Rooms.

Here All Is Possible To Expand, Awaken & Activate Your Inner Childs Lost Innocence & Forgotten Confidence Left Behind In Parallel Galaxies & Alternate Star Realities.

This Safe & Sacred Journey Allows You To Come Out Of Hiding & PLAY In The Stars & The Earth As An Divine Child On The New Earth!

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are & Come PLAY!

This Inter-Dimensional Exploration Allows You To Safely Travel To Higher Dimensions To Retrieve & Re-Claim Your Creative Spark, Soul Essence & Self-Acceptance To Love, Honor & Re-Parent Your Inner Child.

As A Crystal, Diamond, Rainbow Or Indigo Infant, Toddler, Teen or Adult Child, Growing Up May Have Been Stressful Or Painful Because Of Advanced Abilities & Star Seed Sensitivities.

Allow Your Cosmic Child To Be Re-Birthed In A Magical & Alchemical Soul Retrieval So You Can Let Go, Forgive & Make Peace With Yourself & Other Earth Children Where You Felt That You Didn't Fit In.

Join Dr Lorphan & The Arcturian Pediatricians To Restore Your Missing Childs Joyful Presence & Playfulness To More Easily Integrate & Assimilate Your Divine DNA, Soul Spark & Light Codes As Your Very Own God Parent, Cosmic Caregiver & Galactic Guardian Of Your Own Body Temple.

Your Little One Deserves To Be Held, Cared For & Nurtured In A Cosmic Cradle, Holy Womb & Christed Cocoon To Heal Family Karma, Birth Trauma & Childhood Stress, Anxiety & Starseed -Sensitivity.

Experience The Bliss Of Being Re-Birthed By Star Shamans, Divine Doulas, Galactic Re-Birthers & The 12 Star MA-RA Collective To Ease Your Growing Pains, Extract Empathic Pain & Return To Love.

When You Gift Your Inner Child Permission To Feel & Heal, You Can Dissolve Childhood Anxiety, Emotional Intensity & Painful Memories Stored In Your Limbic Brain, Amydala, Adrenals & Nervous System To Rest, Relax & Digest Difficult & Stressful Childhood Timelines.

In This Cosmic Playground, You Can Float & Soak In Liquid Light, Honey Nectar, Drops Of Amrita & Mothers Milk To Bond With
Your Precious & Innocent Bundle Of JOY!

Your Divine Pediatricians Are Ready & Standing To Infuse, Immerse & Introduce You To Your Divine Child Ready & Waiting To Return Home In Your Adult Body & Being!

If You're Ready To Become An Ancestral Shifter, Ascension Awakener & Limitation Liberator, You Can Be The First In Your Female Bloodline To Transmute Burdens Into Blessings For All Sentient Souls, Lost Children & Adults Of All Ages.

Gift Your Little One Soul Permission To Recover Your Lost Innocence, Safe Boundaries & Healthy Sexuality In The Womb Of Priestess Isis & The MA-RAY Magdalene Collective.

Because You're Alive, Breathing & Live In A Body, You Have Already Gained The Right To Be Free Of Womb Shame & Birth Trauma Stored In Your Holy Womb Chamber & First 8 Original Primordial Cells Of Conception.

This Soulful & Joyful Trance-Mission Purifies & Detoxifies In Utero Distress You Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems That Doesn't Serve You In Your Own Ascension & Evolution Process.

Visit Your Home Planet To Come Out Of Hiding, Be Seen, Heart & Feel Safe & Supported Just Being YOU again!

When You Allow Your Adult Self & Inner Child To Re-Integrate, The Stars Align With The Divine So Your Light Can Shine!!!

Gift your own parental permission to allow your magical, alchemical & multi-dimensional child to reclaim your true identity so you no longer have to feel like:

- Alone & Abandoned On This Planet
- You Don't Deserve To Be Loved & Cherished
- A Motherless, Helpless Or Powerless Child
- Because You're Different, You Don't Belong Here
- It's Too Late To Fulfill Your Childhood Dreams
- No One Can See You, Hear You Or Support You
- You Can't Have Healthy & Loving Relationships
- Unsafe, Unwell Or Not Enough On The New Earth
- You're Too Sensitive For Your Own Good
- An other worldly outsider in your own body


As A Star Traveler, Your Cosmic Body Will Float, Bathe & Soak In Star Light & Space Dust To Baptize & Bless Childhood Stress, Shyness, Self-Consciousness, Hyper-Sensitivities & Childhood Anxieties Between The Ages Of 5-10 Earth Light Years!

If You Were Teased, Judged Or Bullied For Your Differences, Your Star Shamans Can Help You To:

- Re-write false childhood identifies to embody your true spiritual identity
- Re-claim your childhood innocence, creativity & empathic sensitivity
- Retrieve your childhood power pieces to heal your dis-empowered child
- Dissolve heart walls, false masks, shame shadows & body armor
- Release empathed energies from your hara, dantien & emotional body centers
- Cleanse, clear & purify your womb imprints, pain bodies & childhood fears
- Heal suppressed pain, abuse & misunderstandings in the earth classrooms
- Forgive other children, teachers & school systems that didn't get or understand you
- Awaken your inner childs genius, knowingness & super intelligence
- Purify & fortify your sacred womb, power chakras & personal boundaries
- Forgive & release your biological birth parents for not backing, supporting or protecting you
- Bond With Your Magical, Alchemical Wholesome, Happy & Healthy Cosmic Child's Timeline


Class Replay - 77 Minutes - MP4 Video

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