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Vandana Light Healing

Star Mother-Earth Mama Root Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Star Mother-Earth Mama Root Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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The Seven Sisters are the seven stars of the Pleiades and they correspond with the seven chakras. The Pleiades are recognized in every culture around the world, and central to the secret knowledge of ancient civilizations.

Download, upgrade & update your Goddess Template with 5D Higher Chakra Information To Lighten Your Earth Vibration, Awaken Your Ability To Speak Light Language & Activate Your Akash To Manifest Your Soul Destiny.

On This Journey We Will Invoke The Divine Feminine Potency Of Star Maia Maia The Midwife To Unlock Your Hidden Potential, Mama Oclllo The Incan Fertility Goddess From Macchu Picchu, The Huna Healing Leumerian Aloha Kahunas & Your First Pleiadean Star Mothers Who Over-Light To Harmonize Your Divine Femininity With Your Safe Masculinity & Heal The Star Hearts All Of Humanity.

You Will Receive Three Star Attunements To Open Your Ajna Chakra Spirit Vision, Reside In The 9 Heart Gate Temples In A Munay Initiation & Soften The Tension Of Suppression In Your Sacred Stomach Chakra.

As A Special Closing Leumerian Light Ritual, You Will Learn How To Sound The Song Of The Goddess To Relax Your Vagus Nervous System With Your Own Healing Breath As Your Anchor & Gaze At An Ancient Leumerian Light Symbol To Help You Relax From The Incan Indigenous Sha-Women Ancestors That Taught You How To Be A Kind, Compassionate, Resilient & Powerful Goddess.

The 7 Pleidean Sistars Will Install Your Original Circuitry With The Frequency Of Andara Crystalline Mastery, 5D Decress & Darani Protection Spells From The 7 Medicine Buddhas & Fertility Energy Medicine To Water & Feed Your Red Root Chakra As You Release Dense Earth Stress, Ground Into New Earth Abundance & Welcome The Return Of Your Earth & Star Ancestors.

Class Replay - Mp4 Video And MP3 Audio - 125min - 10 PDF Documents

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