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Vandana Light Healing

Connecting with the Gods and Goddesses of Abundance and Prosperity MP3

Connecting with the Gods and Goddesses of Abundance and Prosperity MP3

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Throughout the ages, there have existed Gods and Goddesses who represent the energies of abundance, prosperity, fortune, wealth, fertility, and power.

These ancient deities can be found in every culture and civilization all over the world.

Are you tired of trying, efforting, and struggling to just merely get by or live paycheck to paycheck?

What if you could attract ABUNDANCE by BEING the vibration of ABUNDANCE?

In order for us to vibrate from the vibrational frequency of abundance and prosperity, we must first love, honor and accept ourselves and the families we comes from without judgement. This means we no longer have to compare our lives to others, their bank accounts, their homes, cars, or how many material possessions they have.

We know that wealth is a state of being and consciousness and our thoughts and beliefs create whether we attract and manifest wealth or lack but many of us don't feel we can create something different or greater in our lifetime.

We will be calling in the Gods and Goddesses that embody the essence of overflowing abundance of all the good things in life, the blessings, the synchronicities, and the infinite support we deserve so we can vibrate from this state of grace and well being all the time.

Vandana will run RICH Clearings to release any doubts, illusions, imprints, or implants living in your cellular memories that might be separating you from claiming your divine birthright of infinite abundance and good fortune so you can embody these high vibrational frequencies all the time.

A powerful accelerated living light attunement will clear away any fear blocks, not good enough programs, resistance to receiving money and limitless resources of support, and inherited ancestral scarcity consciousness so you can trust the universe to provide and gift you infinite support more than you ever dreamed possible and even while you're sleeping with total ease.

This ABUNDANCE Light Body Attunement will open you up and expand you into the field of infinite magical possibilities so you can create miracles, receive blessings and ascend your light body and reset your reality to one that would serve you and your loved ones greater than you ever imagined possible.

85 minutes
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