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Vandana Light Healing

Clearing Your Belly, Hara & Three Lower Chakras

Clearing Your Belly, Hara & Three Lower Chakras

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I'm excited to invite you to a brand new Frequency Flow Activation To Unlock Energy Blocks In Your Kundalini, Spine & The 3 Chakras In Your Belly, Hara & Lower Pain Bodies.

Prana is the Life Force & the inward flow of positive life force energy.

Apana is the downward & outward flow of too much negative energy.

Apana is the prana Vayu that involves the downward and outward flow of energy from the body. Apana Vayu governs the outward flow of energy on the breath, with digestive elimination, and with menstruation. The seat of Apana Vayu is the Muladhara chakra, or the root chakra located at the perineum and pelvic floor. Not only does Apana guide the elimination of physical wastes, but also mental and emotional waste—that which no longer serves us.

This Soul Spa Session will help you to clear the fight, flight & fear locked up, stuck & frozen in your brain, body & hyper-aroused nervous system.

Prana and Apana work in a push-pull manner, each helping to balance the other. Minimizing the input of negativity and maximizing the input of positivity will help improve the balance of prana and Apana.

These energies, called prana and Apana influence how we experience flow in our life.

Prana is the energy that moves up and inward – the energy that leads us to our essence. The higher the prana, the more confined we can become in our own inner world.

Apana is the outward-moving energy – the energy that brings us into the world and provides us with the motivation that we need to move through our lives.

These two energetic forces – Prana and Apana – ask for our attention at each moment and pull us in opposing directions. We’ve all experienced the depletion that comes from too much outward energy. However, too much inward energy can also disconnect us from the realities of our daily responsibilities. 

Kundalini Yoga is considered the yoga of the householder. Balancing Prana and Apana is what we, as contemporary yogis, need in order to balance our day-to-day tasks with our personal yogic practices.

Join Me To Balance Your Prana & Apana Energy Flows to increase the release of mental, physical & emotional tension that affects your digestive system, lowers your immune system & adrenalizes your vagus nervous system to reclaim your lost energy, strengthen your resiliency & entrain your brain & body to remember how to heal itself.

In this Kundalini Awakening Pranic Purification Detoxification Session, I Will Activate Your Prana Apana Energy Flows To Help You: 

  • Cleanse Your Brains Hardware & Minds Software Of ANTS (Automatic Negative Thought Programs)
  • Channel Your Breath To Free Trapped Energy In Your Fear, Fight, Flight Amygdala System
  • Calm Your Limbic Brains Emotional Memories Hypervigilant Nervous System
  • Purify & Detoxify Sticky Stuck Miasmic Poisons You've Genetically Inherited
  • Accelerate The Outward Flow Of Apana To Discharge Lifetimes Of Negative Energies
  • Enhance Your Health & Well Being With Solar, Stellar & Cosmic Pranic Life Force Energy
  • Uncoil Stuck Kundalini Energy Up & Down Your Sushumma, Spine & Lower Chakras
  • Dissolve Brain Fog, Improve Your Memory & Cleanse Blocked Energy In Your 5 Prana Vayas

 Learn About The 5 Currents Of Prana Stored In Your 3 Base Chakras & How You Can Positively Influence Your Mind/Body Physiology With Pranic Breathing, Mindfulness Meditation & Vibrational Sound Healing.

This Pranic Purification Session Includes 2 Miracle Mantras That Have Been Scientifically Proven To: 

  • Balance Your Left & Right Brain
  • Clear Brain Fog, Attention Problems & Symptoms Of PTSD
  • Improve Your Memory, Vitality & Emotional Resiliency
  • Enhance Your Ability To Focus, Concentrate & Live In The Present
  • Reduce Dense & Heavy Suppressed Stomach Stress
  • Prevent Premature Alzheimers

Learn Limbic Calming Relaxation Processes To Move, Re-Move & Shake Off Unwanted Energy In Stored In Your Pores, Cells, Tissues & Muscle Memories.

Experience Infra Red Reiki Infused Color Therapy, Gamma Light Baths & An Etheric Acupuncture Rejuvenation Session To Unlock Blocks, Move Stuck Energy & Show Your Body How To Live On Pranic Shakti Cosmic Creatrix Energy.

Join me to learn how to move stuck energy from above & below you with ancient mantras, mudras & mandalas to release suppressed stress, unwind karmic knots, uncoil chi held in your kundalini & even improve your memory!

Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 163min - 19 Documents

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