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Vandana Light Healing

Root Chakra

Root Chakra

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I’ve created this Root Chakra Detox Program to help you identify deeply rooted energy blocks, how to unpack them & how to connect with the earth & your power protector allies to feel safe, grounded & connected & empowered as you walk on the new earth.

Take a 2 hour journey with your root chakra angels, animals & protective allies & listen at your own pace to release day to day chakra sludge, debris & heavy energy so you can stand in your power & feel supported.

Enjoy hypnotic visualizations filled with Reiki life force energy to slow down your racing thoughts & get you back in your body again on your way to becoming a self-realized divine human.

Listen in small sections before bedtime when you’re in a calm and peaceful state of mind. You may play this living light recording on a loop to cleanse & clear toxic cellular imprints to feel safe in your body and to raise your vibration.

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