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Vandana Light Healing

Clearing Poverty Contracts & Karmic Debts With The Angels Of Prosperity

Clearing Poverty Contracts & Karmic Debts With The Angels Of Prosperity

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Greetings Angelic Abundant Creatrix,

If you’ve been struggling with lack, scarcity & never feel like you are or have enough, this angelic divine intervention process can help you break poverty contracts & clear karmic debt passed onto you by your ancestors.

Join me to unlock your money blocks to experience flow, ease & space in your chakras & reconnect to your divine abundant birthright on a cellular level to mend soul splits & become whole again.

In this class, I will empower you to channel & shapeshift into the realms of angelic abundance consciousness with specific mantras, prayers, affirmations & chakra contract clearings to release the vows of poverty you carry that were passed onto you with angels & archangels of wealth & prosperity to release heavy energy & receive an endless supply of lavish lush new earth abundance.

When you say YES, you’ll be able to break the spell of vows of poverty with the angels of integration to unburden your mind, body & field around you from trauma imprints, negative attachments & cellular memories that keep you stuck, trapped & programmed in survival mode.

Come experience what it looks & feels like to feel safe, abundance & have all your needs met to help you release lifetimes of stress, shame & struggle in every cell, molecule & organ in your physical, emotional & mental bodies so you can experience clarity, peace of mind & embody soul prosperity.

I look forward to linking our prosperous hearts, mending your broken wings & teach you how to fly again to get out of debt & manifest your healthy & wealthy soul destiny!

* (This living light recording includes lifetime access & is energized with Reiki Life Force Energy & the Angelic Frequency of Prosperity that help you re-set your nervous system, trust your body wisdom & receive an infinite supply of abundance for you & your family) *


Live Class Recording - Mp4 Video and Mp3 Audio - 7 PDF Transcripts

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