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Vandana Light Healing

Clear Brain Fog, Confusion & Forgetfulness with Dr. Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Team MP3

Clear Brain Fog, Confusion & Forgetfulness with Dr. Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Team MP3

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Have you been experiencing ascension systems of brain fog, confusion & forgetfulness?

To sharpen your laser light focus to remember who you are & why you're here, Dr. Lorphan & The Divine Memory Specialists have just what the doctor ordered to soothe your mind & re-set your nervous system.

This Brain clutter & density detox mind/body healing process melts anxiety, removes core fear and dissolves stress from your past lives, parallel realities & future timelines.

With your cosmic consent, you will teleport to the Arcturian Healing Chambers to experience Divine Mind Updates & Upgrades From The Director of the Great White Sirian Lodge in Shamballa from The Healing Temples Of Inner Light.

On This Journey, You Will Experience Galactic Healing & Quantum Clearing to Release stress, shock & trauma & restore peace, calm & clarity on your highest soul ascension timeline.

Experience Dr. Lorphan’s etheric acupuncture to expand your higher brain, unlock mind blocks & clear fear, fight, flight or freeze programs from your limbic brain.

Your Divine Mind Intervention Team & PTSD Practitioners are here to clear confusion you've absorbed & stored from the collective mind & the veils of Maya (illusion)!

With your cosmic consent, you will time travel to your ascended mind of mental clarity, courageous compassion & peaceful presence!

Dr. Lorphan & his medical team in the inner planes of Shambhalla will help you to:
• Clear Mental Tension, Triggers & Overwhelm
• Re-Set your brain, spine & nervous system
• Dissolve Stress, Struggle & Suffering
• Create more ease, space & flow
• Unlock Others Thoughts, Energies & Obsessive Points Of View
• Clear False Beliefs, Negative Thinking & Artificial Intelligence
• Release Separation Seals From Divine Mind Connections
• Unravel Stories, Scripts & Obsessive Points Of View

Soothe your ‘troubled soul’, clear ancestral fear & burn addictions to suffering vows with the Aquarian Holy Fire, Dr Lorphan, the AMAS (Arcturian Medical Assistants) & your Timeline Trauma Team!!!

On This Galactic Journey, You will Experience:
• Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
• Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
• Star Mind Integration & Higher Brain Activation
• Crown Of Thorns Removal Healing & Unsealing
• Zeal Point/Brain Stem Ascension Chakra Actviaton

• A Golden Net Process To Absorb Mental Stress, Worry & Over-Whelm
• A Platinum Net Process To Dissolve Looping Systems, Auto Pilot Programs & Over-Stimulation
• A Prana Wind Clearing Device to dissolve post trauma, stress hormones & anxiety brain cells 

Step into Your Arcturian Medi Pod & Healing Chambers To Experience Advanced Arcturian & Sirian Star Healing From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

As you descend from your accelerated ascension activation, you will ground onto Golden Gaia, Experience Forest Bathing & Stabilize Your Higher Light Quotient With Nature Intelligence!

Experience What It Looks & Feels Like To Dissolve Veils Of Forgetfulness & Remember Who You Are & Why You’re Here!

Meet & Merge With The Mind Of Creation, Divine Inspiration & Mind Mastery!!

124 minutes
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