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Vandana Light Healing

Christed Galactic Clearing & Healing For Density, Debris & Disempowerment MP3

Christed Galactic Clearing & Healing For Density, Debris & Disempowerment MP3

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Dr Lorpan & his miraculous healing assistants are back!!!!

Join Vandana & the divine healing intervention team to clear false fear programs & receive core love infusions outside of time & space!

Dr Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Assistants (AMMAS) with your cosmic consent will enter your sacred space to bathe & bless you with star medicine & nameless light to dissolve dis-ease, density & debris from your electrical bodies, nervous system & magnetic bio-field.

You are invited to Teleport to the higher densities to receive the most appropriate LIGHT surgery from advanced healers, arcturian archangels & doctors of divinity who specialize in Sirian & Arcturian healing technology & light body processes.

The AMAS are experts in healing healers with their own healing practices & modalities to take back their energy & release their clients energies as awakened empaths & sensitive souls who may have taken on & absorbed pain, density & intensity from their clientele.

If you are reading these words now, your healing process has already begun to shift & uplift your vibration & activate your christed blueprint & crystalline light body.

Teleport To The Heart Of Shambhalla In Dr Lorphan's Great White Lodge & Healing Center To Shed Debris & Embody Pure Light!

Receive Inter-Galactic Healing From Divine Doctors, Spirit Surgeons & Cosmic Shamans In Your Medi Pod Under The Loving Care & Spirit Supervision Of Dr Lorphan & His Divine Intervention Team.

This Sacred Journey Includes:
  • Body Scans
  • Chakra Re-alignments 
  • Density Detox 
  • Laser Light Infuisions
  • Advanced Energy Medicine
  • Etheric Acupuncture
  • Emotional Release
  • Karmic Clearing
  • Meridian Flush
  • Choice Center Re-Sets
  • Love Infusions

Receive Inter-Galactic Healing To Accelerate To Absorb 100% Pure Light As An Awakened Empath & Ascension Angel On A Mission To Heal Yourself & Humanity!

Receive A Light Transfusion As Carbon Based Debris Is Safely & Gently Released & Replaced With Clean Energy & Crystal Light Into & Through Your Trillions Of Cells, Bones, Organs & Glands To Help You:
  • Activate Your Crystalline Light Body
  • Reprint Your Divine Blueprint
  • Awaken Dormant Divine DNA
  • Strengthen Your Life Force Energy
  • Balance Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul
  • Retrieve Lost Knowledge & Soul Power Pieces 
  • Integrate New Earth Shifts With Ease & Grace

This Out Of Space & Out Of Mind Healing Activation Is Transmitted With Deep Tenderness & Sacred Love For Your Soul Role On The Ascending Earth Vibration!

Deepen Your Original Soul Vibration & Heart Connection to Your Cosmic Creatrix & Sophia Source In All Timelines, Dimensions, Galaxies & Realities!

Teleport To Your Healing Chambers To Receive The Perfect Dose Of Soul Elixirs & Light Intelligence To Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit With Dr Lorphan & The Doctors Of Divinity!!!

104 minutes

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