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Vandana Light Healing



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Greetings Chakra Explorer,

I’m super excited to invite you to a brand new chakra healing series I’ve created to help you identify, release & transform where you’ve been storing & holding unprocessed stress, shock & unresolved trauma in your physical bodies that dysregulates your thoughts, feelings & emotional nervous system.

Before remembering how to travel with your angels & guardians to higher dimensions, it’s important to inspect the inner chakra parts of your body to check for energy leaks, knots, blocks & chakra attachments that keep you in survival and remain hidden in your lower chakras storage house & basement.

This class will serve you by helping you release fear, shame & resistance to allowing yourself to trust you are safe, supported & connected to the wisdom of your body.

Join me to journey inside of every chakra in your physical body to discover where you’re hiding stressful memories, hidden energies & how you can treat these shadow parts to unburden them.

In this chakra shock detox session, you’ll learn:

-Where survival parts hang out in the front & back of your body

-How to access hidden wounded imprints & treat them

- What questions to ask frozen pain points to liberate them from suffering

- How to access the reason why these old stressful parts of you still remain hidden

- The 3 important questions to receive answers to unlock your inner demons

-How to use color visualizations to release shock tremors and release them

I will guide you through a divine intervention energy healing process to identify your true feelings and learn how to treat them with Ruby Red Accelerated Light Reiki Life Force Energy.

I’ll also teach you how to run RICH clearing codes to recalibrate your emotional & physical bodies to stay present, aware & conscious so you can care for & unburden the accumulated shock you carry to create to move stuck energy, raise your frequency & brighten your chakras & auras to make your ascension process so much easier.

So Come Out Of Hiding & Accept There Are “No Bad Parts” To Free Your Own Inner Critic!

If You Experienced Shock, Loss & Never Had A Chance To Be Heard Or Have Your Needs Met, There Is Hope So Please Remember You Have Gifts, Value, Worth Saving & Deserve To Learn How To Empower Yourself.

This Chakra Shock Release Program Is Perfect For You If:

-You’re a survivor of childhood trauma

-You often isolate or disassociate

-You’d like to feel lighter & get your energy back

-You’re ready to heal your relationship with your body

-You can no longer stomach or hold others energies in your body

-You feel you’ve reached rock bottom and are ready to find your true self

-You’ve lost touch with your true self & are sick & tired of living inauthentically

-You want to learn how to care for, treat & step into your true role as your own loving parent

I hope you’ll join me to cleanse, clear & purify chakra sludge, toxins & unresolved old traumas so you can reparent your body & become your best ally.

Experience etheric light acupuncture, chakra re-alignment & color therapy to get out of survival, feel safe in your body & learn simple ways to re-birth your own inner healer.
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