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Vandana Light Healing

Chakra Healing For Pets And Empaths

Chakra Healing For Pets And Empaths

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In Shamanism, we call upon totem animals & nature spirits for guidance & wisdom but in most healing traditions, we call upon our angelic team as a source of comfort but what if we humans & our pets have power protectors that have wings & sometimes look like jaguars, hummingbirds & condors that can heal our chakras?

As an animal lover & empathic pet owner, we owe it to our animal family to know how to prevent, treat & heal their chakras & energy field on an energetic level and although we think we're the only species to have a chakra system, our beloved pets have some of the same but also have animal chakras too!

When our pets get older, we bring them to the vet & they can only tell us about illnesses that manifest in their physical body but they never tell us how to treat the root of pain in their energy bodies.

So if you're a Reiki Practitioner, Body Worker, Energy Healer or Animal Communicator, you can feel what they feel & learn how to balance your pets chakras, raise their frequency & be able to identify the root of stress or trauma that will eventually create illness if left untreated.

On this call, you & your pet will receive Animal Reiki Healing Symbols & Light Encoded Mantras to heal your psychic feline & canine companions so they don't wind up "taking on, pulling in "and manifesting your toxic pain and human stress!

Our loving animal companions carry a higher wisdom in their evolutionary DNA that we can learn from & since they speak to you telepathically, you can learn to understand their body language, barks, meows & the expression on their faces that reveal how they are feeling.

In this Chakra Healing For Pets & Humans Program, your pet will receive divine healing intervention not only from your team but their team of etheric pet doctors from their home planet, the Sirius C Star system & the angels & saints that over-light them.

Join me to learn how to: 

  • Treat the root of your pets soul trauma
  • Balance their chakras with your healing hands
  • Communicate with your pets higher self more effectively
  • Make amends & ask for forgiveness with your spirit pets in heaven
  • Recognize the signs of stress your pet may have taken on from you
  • Trust your intuition to know when your pet is happy or hurting
  • Clear away psychic sludge & auric debris from your pets chakras

AND I'm super excited to teach you how to activate a special animal chakra to deepen the pet & human bond & heal your soul connection!!!

In each healing session, you'll be able to process lifetimes of grief, loss, blame, shame & heavy energy stored in our muscle memories that won't allow us to be fully present, enjoy their company & understand their energy.

In this Chakra Healing For Pet Owners Series, I'm honored to hold a safe & sacred space for you & the members of your pet family to heal on a cellular level!

Whether your dog or cat is struggling with health issues, is developing noticeable signs of aging or exhibiting lower than usual levels of energy, you've come to the right place to heal your chakras and theirs simultaneously.

So If you're ready to become a more present conscious & compassionate pet owner, I invite you to take a journey with me to contact your pets higher self, soul essence & team of angelic guardians!!!

When you join, you & your pets living or in spirit will receive Reiki Chakra Energy Healing to heal your soul connection in every dimension, direction & incarnation.

If you or your beloved pet is struggling with a physical, behavioral or emotional imbalance, join this call to  

  • uncover the root of original trauma that created a physical illness
  • reduce symptoms of pain & stress from the angelic & animal kingdom
  • cleanse, clear & release toxic energy imprints in the chakra system
  • seal rips, tears & holes in your pets auric field for psychic protection

Each chakra balancing session includes a Reiki Message healing circle to make direct contact with the heart, soul & spirit of your beloved pet.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with me by raising your hand or chatting in your healing requests & names of your pets including your childhood pets that you loved & lost so long ago.

When Your Soul & The Soul Of Your Animal Companion Says YES, You Will Experience:

Class 1: An Angels & Animals Chakra Medicine Cleanse For Your Earth & Star Chakras

Class 2: An Angels & Animals Chakra Medicine Cleanse For Your Pets Earth & Star Chakras (Including A Different Chakra That Only Animals Have)

Class 3: A Karmic Cleanse Angel & Animal Relationship Re-Set To Heal Your Soul Connections & Relationships From Past Lives & Alternate Timelines


Recorded 3 Class Program - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 441 min - 17 printable Documents

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