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Vandana Light Healing

Celestial Unicorn Healing Attunement MP3

Celestial Unicorn Healing Attunement MP3

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In this beautiful new accelerated light healing transmission, Vandana connects you to the unicorn realms!

Celestial Unicorns are divine heart healers who are returning to Gaia to expand our human consciousness, heal separation & oversee our ascension process as move into the unified field of truth, transparency, unity & community.

The Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins are light forms of consciousness existing at a celestial level of the Creator’s Universe. They hold an extremely high vibration and often appear as pure white light.

They are the most evolved vibrations of their consciousness & work with the Angelic Kingdom as messengers of the Creator’s light.

The 14th dimensional Unicorns hold powerful manifestation skills, the ability to awaken your third eye chakra and bring clarity & closure to all situations.

Calling upon their energy to surround you is a blissful and uplifting experience!

This 14th Dimensional Healing Attunement Teleports You To The Quantum Realms Of Pure LIGHT to pierce veils of illusion & access magical possibilities on the new earth timeline.

Receive an ascending heart attunement & take a guided journey into the heart of the celestial realms to play with divine unicorns, heal childhood wounds & merge with your magical child who desires to come out & play, be seen, heard & appreciated for all that you are & all that you do!

This guided journey transports outside of time & space to heal your shadows, unlock fear & unravel 3D mind loops to merge with your Divine Mind & awaken your inner magician in physical form.

Be prepared to experience how it looks & feels to play in the blue/violet 14th Dimension, Meet With Master Merlin & visit.the home of the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins!!!

In this powerful group healing process, you will clear trauma timelines to easily and effortlessly shift into higher octaves of Pure Light, Liquid Love & Pure Presence to love yourself free from past stress, struggle & trauma.
Now is the divine time to reclaim your powers, speak your truth, retrieve your gifts & embody 5D self-mastery!

On this live transmission, Vandana will invite & invoke celestial unicorn consciousness to bathe, bless, reach & refresh your mind, body & spirit!

In this high frequency energy transmission, the Celestial Unicorns invite you to experience:
  • Higher Vibrational Upgrades To Connect With Your Higher Self 
  • How To Re-Parent Your Magical & Christed Childlike Innocence 
  • Sacred Re-Union With Your Playful True Nature & Creative Spark 
  • Deeper Intimacy With Your Animal Totems, Elementals & Nature Spirits 
  • How To Love, Accept & Honor What Makes You Different, Special & Unique 
  • How To Trust Your Intuition As Your Bodies Spirit Guide & Ascended Master 
  • Messages From The Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters & 5D Guides 
  • How To Awaken, Expand & Ascend With Divine Ease & Amazing Grace 
  • How To Embody Divine Alchemy With Integrity & Authenticity 
  • How To Retrieve Lost Knowledge From Your Leumerian Lineage 

Receive channeled messages from the Celestial Unicorn Realms!!!!

Access your inter-dimensional passport to the realms of quantum magic.

Join Us on Celestial Unicorn Healing Attunement!

110 minutes
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