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Vandana Light Healing

Celestial Dolphin Consciousness MP3

Celestial Dolphin Consciousness MP3

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Attune To Cosmic Dolphin Consciousness In Ancient Leumeria & Teleport To The 14th Dimension To Heal Your Heart, Retrieve Your Gifts & Soothe Your Soul In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities.

Join Vandana To Receive Cosmic Upgrades & Updates From The Dolphin Master Healing Team who oversee our ascension process and help us return to love.

Dolphin Beings Are Highly Evolved, Higher Dimensional Beings Who Live In Oneness & Are Here To Raise Our Vibration, Awaken Our Light & Help Us Thrive On Our Highest Ascension Timeline.

Their planetary role is to watch over us, guide us & support us to thrive on the new earth in unity, community & sacred union as masters of 5D reality!

Our dolphin families' love for humanity is profound & transcends time, space & human physicality.

It is not necessary to be in their presence to receive their healing energy, divine messages & vibrational support to heal ancient trauma from your Atlantean or Leumerian DNA.

Our dolphin totems help us remember how to live more fully, give more freely & not take ourselves too seriously as we rise above density & shift into oneness.

In this divine dolphin healing attunement, you will:
  • Learn an ancient dolphin breathing techinque to embody higher consciousness
  • Experience enhanced ease, energy & vitality in your light body & column of light
  • Awaken & activate your joy vibration, pleasure centers & playful true nature
  • Unlock & clear stress, struggle & trauma in your chakras, cells & DNA
  • Ride the waves of ascension with divine ease & amazing grace
  • Receive sonic healing & cosmic codes from the celestial dolphin realms
  • Circulate increased life energy through your physical & subtle bodies
  • Receive a dolphin healing symbol to connect with your dolphin family of light

Play with Golden, Avatar & Crystalline Dolphins From Sirius, Pleiades & Arcturus Outside Of Time & Space!

You will also experience:
  • A Pineal Gland Activation to Restore Ancient Wisdom & 5D Telepathy
  • A Diamond Dolphin Downloads from the Angelic, Animal & Mineral Kingdoms 
  • Sonic Healing & Sacred Sounds Light Transmission
  • A Channeled Message To Heal Your Leumerian Lineage 
  • Divine Guidance On Your Home Planet Healing Crystal
  • Dolphin Matrix Chakra Activation To Help You Navigate & Assimilate New Earth Magic

The Celestial Dolphin Consciousness blesses you with the pure vibrations and wisdom of Lemuria, transmission of light & Lemurian Key-Codes,

Meet & Merge with your guardians of sacred truth and wisdom whose greatest wish is to reawaken your sacred truth and return sacred knowledge & ancient wisdom from your Leumerian Ancestors.

Play With The Diamond Dolphin Kingdom & Re-parent Your Magical Inner Child!!!

102 minutes

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