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Vandana Light Healing

Blue Star Energy Healing Activation & Attunement MP3

Blue Star Energy Healing Activation & Attunement MP3

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Connect with the divinity codes of your divine self!

Now is the time, starseed, to remember who you are.

Now is the time to remember your spiritual inheritance and remember why you chose to incarnate at this time of magical possibilities & higher consciousness!

This Galactic Blue Star Energy contains ALL of the harmonious healing energies that already exist in all timelines, realms & realities & when we attune our vibrational frequency to this bright star, we empower our dreams, visions & desires in the twinkle of an eye!

If you’ve been holding back on asking, creating, attracting & manifesting what you know is possible, then now could just be the perfect time to align & connect with your galactic heritage & ancestral Sirian & Atlantean Lineage to access creative solutions, infinite possibilities, miracles & magic from the higher dimensions.

Blue Star Energy embodies the wisdom & light of the Sirian High Council & Planetary Ascended Enlightened Beings to balance and realign our physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration sustainable at this time, enabling an easier transition and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light that we are achieving within our physical bodies on this earth on a daily basis.

When we integrate Divine Light Healing & blend it with Blue Star Energy, it’s a much faster and easier way to release negative energy that has been blocking your physical body from entering much higher frequencies and dimensions of light and love.

If you’re ready & willing to choose to embody more ease, space & flow, then connecting with The Sirian Star Frequencies can unlock unconscious blocks, unravel unawareness & liberate your soul of karmic debts, burden, obligations & ancestral agreements that no longer resonate or vibrate with who you are in the eternal now!

This Multi Dimensional Attunement activates & awakens your multidimensional true nature!

Experience Increased Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing!

Raise the Frequency & Vibration of ANY Healing Modality You Use!

Enhance Your Ability To Use This Energy On Yourself & In Service To Others!

No matter what dimension you are currently occupying at this time, the accelerated living light frequencies easily & effortlessly teleport you to the higher dimensions where you can experience rapid transformation, laser light clarity & profound peace.

If you’re from the Sirian Star or it feels like you might be, come reunite with your loved ones, star tribes & loving ancestors to step outside of the earthly density, limitations & separation & feel whole, integrated & complete again!

Our true heritage is that we are the children of the stars & starseeds of the cosmos!

Awaken Your Light Bodies & Activate Your DNA!!!

Enhance Your Healing Abilities!!!

78 minutes
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