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Vandana Light Healing

Bindu Moon Chakra Activation

Bindu Moon Chakra Activation

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I'm super excited to attune you to the gateway of bliss, grace, health & happiness so you can taste the bliss of the nectar of amrita & the drink of the devas!!!

The more you can retain this sweet ambrosia elixir remedy, the more you can take control of the aging process & strengthen your 5D immunity!

When the honey nectar of amrita flows properly, it produces nourishing energy that calms the mind and is said in Ancient Ayurvedic texts to contain the elixir of longevity & tonic of immortality.

The Bindu chakra & pineal gland regulate your melatonin hormones, control your sleep patterns and holds the power to reduce chronic patterns of anxiety, depression, PTSD while activating your clairvoyant eyesight.

When Your Bindu Chakra Is Open, it relieves anxiety, depression and nervousness but when closed, we lose our lust for life, kundalini flow, natural glow so activating your Bindu chakra keeps you forever young & is the source of nutrient rich life-giving energy!

Your Moon Center holds holistic healing properties & the aphrodisiac nectar of bliss, grace, longevity & immortality that ancient yogis live by without the need for food or water!

When awakened, it's honey nectar creates more flow & a healthy, balanced & harmonized mind & body & the soma chakra is the Nourishing Nectar of the Crescent Moon" that lives between your Sahasrara crown chakra and is found above your Ajna brow chakra.

In this chakra medicine lunar light bath session, you will receive divine doctoring & soma chakra color therapy to awaken your Bindu chakra, stop the downward flow of amrita nectar, taste it in the red & white petals in the roof of your mouth chakra & catch its sweet aromatic essence in divine drops of Amrita in your light blue-white 12 petalled crescent silver white lotus soma chakra.

Join me to teleport to the moon & back in a bliss inducing & intoxicating soul spa session where you will receive etheric acupuncture to unlock chakra blocks, expand your energy flows & recapture your eternal youth that illuminates your buddha mind & bliss body!

In this course, you will learn how to:

• Brighten & Nourish Your Bindu Light Center
• Hum It Awake With The Bumble Bee Breath
• Bindu Meditation Techniques For Anxiety & ADD
• Self-Massage To Treat Insomnia & Restlessness
• Reverse Amrita Flow For Anti-Aging Benefits
• Unravel Mental Tension In Your Crown Chakra Chi
• Slow Down Racing Thoughts With Ice Blue Color Therapy
• Improve Your Health & Vitality With Moon Mantras & Mudras

Come Play With Me In The Milky Way Galaxy To Get Your All Access Pass To Travel To Angelic Realms, Drink The Nectar Of Divine Guidance, See Through The 3rd Eye Of Shiva & Illuminate Your Blue Violet 7th Eye Chakra In Your Bindu Crescent Silver Moon Chakra!

Slow down the accelerated aging process through the Union Of Shiva/Shakti & experience eternal bliss to awaken your inner Moon Chakra Goddess!!!

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 166 min - 14 Documents

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