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Vandana Light Healing

Bindu Moon Chakra Activation

Bindu Moon Chakra Activation

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Unleash your inner light and unlock a portal to pure bliss. Here, you'll discover the secret nectar of happiness and awaken your true potential.

Experience the flow of divine energy:

  • Taste the sweetness of being: Learn to savor the essence of joy that flows through you, nourishing your mind and spirit.
  • Awaken your inner moon goddess: Tap into the ancient wisdom of the moon, a source of holistic healing and boundless pleasure.
  • Break free from limitations: Discover techniques to release negativity, unlock your intuition, and expand your perception.

In this transformative journey, you'll:

  • Dance with the cosmic energy: Travel through the Milky Way and explore the celestial realms, where angels guide and divine nectar fuels your soul.
  • Open the third eye of Shiva: Unveil the secrets of your intuition and inner knowing, seeing beyond the veil of illusion.
  • Become a radiant being: Ignite the light within, illuminating your spirit and attracting abundance in every form.

Unleash the power within! Join me in this soul-awakening adventure and:

  • Bathe in the moon's luminescence: Receive cosmic color therapy and divine doctoring to awaken your dormant potential.
  • Harmonize your mind and body: Learn techniques to balance your energy flow and create a vibrant, joyful life.
  • Embrace your eternal youth: Reconnect with the source of your inner light and defy the limitations of time.

This is more than just a session, it's a transformation. Come play with me in the Milky Way and discover the magic that awaits!


  • Live class replay (MP4 video and MP3 audio)
  • 14 downloadable resources to guide your practice
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